Jacking up the stump

Jacking up the stump

So I started telling you about the “little” backyard project the hubby started that should have been a one day job, but it’s now going on a month (read it here: Backyard Makeover Turns Into Man VS Tree and a Tale of 2 Chainsaws).  To be fair, he works two jobs and one of them is a 24-hr shift, but still, this has become an ordeal.  To do a quick recap, we had one dead tree, two chainsaws, and one very tired hubby.

Fast forward and we’ve now got a downed tree with 30-year old roots going out in every direction impacted in our incredibly hard clay soil.  The hubby doesn’t do anything halfway, so the stump had to come out. He ignored my suggestion of putting a planter on top of the stump and calling it a day.  But even though he had the fancy new Stihl chainsaw, the incredibly hard stump was eating it up, and since OREGON® doesn’t have a PowerSharp® for it, he had to manually sharpen it.  A lot.  That’s when the sweetest PR rep ever stepped in and sent my awesome husband a Stihl MS211 chainsaw with a OREGON® PowerSharp® already installed!

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System - sharpening takes minutes!

Now, my Doubting Thomas husband thought there was NO WAY this new Stihl chainsaw could work as well as his monster Stihl saw, but to humor me, he gave it a try…to say he was impressed would be minimizing just how excited he was!  The saw went through the crazy-hard wood like butter!  Still, he didn’t believe that the auto-sharpener could possible work….again, he was wrong – it was fabulous!

OREGON®PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener

So, what is an OREGON®PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener?  It’s the simplest but most ingenious product.  It’s a bar and chain that replaces the original equipment your saw came with.  Both pieces are specially designed to work with the sharpener.  Use the saw normally and when it’s necessary to sharpen, pop open the plastic sharpening attachment, attach it to the blade, start the saw, press the plastic piece against something hard (in the picture he’s using the edge of the deck), run the chain through the sharpener for 3-5 seconds, shut the saw down, remove the plastic attachment, and enjoy a sharp saw!  Seriously, it’s that easy.  As compared to hand sharpening?  In a fraction of the time and just as well done.  Even better, the replacement chain is priced appropriately and comes with a new sharpening stone as well.

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System - so simple!

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System – so simple! The sharpening block does all the work.

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System - turn the saw on and press against hard object

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System – turn the saw on and press against hard object

The OREGON® PowerSharp® fits tons of saws including:  Craftsman, Homelite, Poulan, Poulan Pro, McCulloch, Stihl Chain Saws and more and sizes 14″ to 18″.  Additionally, it comes in several configurations. The Starter Kit which includes everything you need to get started plus replacement PowerSharp® chains and sharpening stones for the bar-mount sharpening system.  Check out the PowerSharp® website parts locator to see if it fits your make and model. Just enter your brand, model, and bar height.  Prices range from $30-$70 and can be purchased online and at local hardware stores.

The hubby and his two Stihl Chainsaws

The hubby and his two Stihl Chainsaws

So what man needs 2 chainsaws?  Well, the hubby does.  And this new saw will be utilized in volunteer trail maintenance and wildland fires – both situations when there’s no time to stop and hand-sharpen the saw.  My husband’s one and only complaint is that there’s not an OREGON® PowerSharp® for his first saw, which he swears he still needs because of the blade length….like I can complain, I own three computers.  But OREGON® is working on it and hopefully they’ll be available in the future…OREGON® won’t release one until it’s perfect.

Special thanks again to OREGON® for making this part-time wildland Fire Fighter’s next job a lot easier!  Oh, and the tree?  It’s chopped up and drying to be used as firewood next winter and the spot where it was?  It’s now an ENORMOUS hole.  The hubby dug down 4-ft to soften the soil and now he’s sifting the rocks out.  SOMEDAY there will be an L-shaped arbor with fragrant blossoms like Jasmine in its place to encourage more butterflies and hummingbirds to flock to our garden…I can’t wait!

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System - works fabulously!

OREGON® PowerSharp® Precision Saw Chain Sharpener System – works fabulously!

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