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Another post that mysteriously disappeared when my “new” but cruddy hosting company moved my blog. Funny, this post is about them. Accident?

So it’s Monday and my new hosting company still has my two blogs and e-commerce site completely hosed. I’ve been given so much mis-information, told to redo things they told me to do, and promised so many things by so many people only to be let down every time.

I’m ready to say screw-it, shut me off, and shut me down. I’m so frustrated and tired of dealing with it that I just want to give up. This shouldn’t be so hard. It shouldn’t lead to tears. But it has and I’m emotionally spent. And financially? I’m done in as well. I feel like I’m being taken for a ride I never asked to get on. Oh, and if you wonder why you can read this blog it’s because they can’t fully screw it up yet, it’s still on the old server so it goes down repeatedly during the day because they have the traffic ability down to a drip which is why they’re forcing me from at $12 a month service to $120 a month service….but that hasn’t happened yet and that’s why this blog is limping along….my other blog and ecommerce site are down and have been for hours, the 3rd time in 3 days.

And at some point I have to ask why. Why me. I know there are so many other horrible things happening in the world, I’m keeping it in perspective, but this is akin to your employer suddenly locking the doors and telling you to go home with no pay. No explanation. No idea when you’ll be able to return to work and all you can do is worry about how you’re going to pay your existing bills when you find out that no only are you locked out, but you’ll be paying them 1000% more to work there, but you won’t be making any more money and you may have damaged your reputation by not showing up to work because your customers have no idea why you’re not there.

Again, in the grand scheme of life I won’t starve and in that respect I’m luckier than many women in the world, but dang it, I shouldn’t be in this position at all. If they did their job, I could be doing mine.

So I’m ready for a new hosting company….they get until the morning and then I’m filing charges against them with my payment provider and going to the Better Business Bureau. I’m done taking it.