promise promises quoteIt’s not like I haven’t tried a few, I have.  But what every web hosting company has in common is they suck.  They suck in that they blame the user instead of looking at their system.  Specifically, they keeps saying one of MY WordPress Plug-ins is causing a system overload so they shut me down.  But they’re wrong and I’ve sent them screenshots on everyone of them to prove it’s a spike in traffic….and yet, they continue to blame my site and take it down.

Beyond just being frustrating, it’s causing me to lose work, turn in assignments late, and generally spend my time trying to convince them that my site is not being attacked by a bot, nor is it bad coding on my part, it’s a spike in traffic.  It’s a simple as that.  And yet that’s not so simple either.  If I have 1000 hits in a day and all of them come in a 30-minute window, how am I to fix it so they don’t?  And their salesman had all my stats – my database size, my traffic usage, I warned him of the spikes….all no problem for them he assured me.  And yet, I’ve been with this company just a few days for one site and weeks for the other and they’ve been a nightmare.

To be fair, I chose this company because of the limitations the last two had and because I wanted both of my sites in one place so I only had to deal with one set of techs.  I chose this company because of their outstanding reputation.  I chose this company because I could contact a salesperson through their site and be assured that he would help me pick the best service.  He PROMISED that this wouldn’t be a  problem……and he was wrong.  Sadly, with the exception of getting both of my sites in one place, I failed on the rest.

So I sit here on hold, long distance on my dime, waiting for them to upgrade my site and charge me more money.  It’s been over 20 minutes at long distance rates and I’m still listening to elevator music. To be fair, the account manager I’m talking to is taking it well because I’m angry. I  warned him when he answered the phone that I was ticked off and I find my voice raising and tears threatening to flow.  I told him I wasn’t angry at him, but at his company.  At one point in the call I told him I was doing my best to remain calm and he made the bad choice of saying he was too.  Excuse me!  I’ve not used one curse word, even when he told me the salesman who asked me to type his name into the affiliate field after speaking with him doesn’t work for the company.  Uh, I contacted him THROUGH your site and I didn’t make him up.  So yes, I was a bit put off when this fellow told me he was trying to remain calm….bad choice.

So here I am, still on hold…still on long distance…racking up the charges for Ma Bell waiting for them to upgrade me and charge me three times more for the service.  But, I thank them for not making me wait until Monday as he’d originally stated.

Robert is calling….gotta go.

So, while I wait to learn my fate… there any web hosting company out there that DOESN’T SUCK?  And yes, I believed the promise and I am left frustrated and powerless and there’s one more chip on my shoulder about trusting what people say.