There are no black cats, only worries

Did you ever have one of those days where you feel like you’re the only person who sees things clearly?  I’m having one of those and this Confucius quote just spoke to me.

I have a new web service company who’s trying my patience.  They see thing that aren’t there, and don’t see the things that are.  Because of this, my site is slow, buggy, and I have so much work to do but I hate to do it for fear of losing it, overloading the little bit of traffic I am able to get through, or just losing it and unleashing my furry on web companies.  Seriously.  Their job is to support my website.  If my traffic is too much, they shouldn’t shut me down, but offer me improved service.  They can make some money here. Instead, they’re ticking me off and this may be one of the shortest hosting gigs ever….I’ve only been with them since this weekend.

Sure, the SALESMAN PROMISED me they could handle my site traffic.  Isn’t it funny how that happens? I’m giving them a few more days to work it out and if not, I’ll be packing up both sites and looking for a new provider.

So, I’ll be trying to get some work done but if you’re one of many PR people waiting for a review, please forgive me.  This was supposed to make things better, not slow my work down to a trickle and not send my blood pressure into space like the last shuttle.  I only hope that when I come back down there will be a landing pad for me….it’s going to be a long weekend.  So much for taking a few days off to celebrate my birthday.  As if you only turn 50 once…I’m sure I’ll get the chance again.  I hear some women stay 40 for years….I suppose I could give that a try.

Wish me luck.