The Closer 6th Season DVD Set and Bonus Features ReviewI got a chance to check out The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD and that means I got to preview the cool DVD bonus features!  I love bonus features and it generally gives me some insight into the show or the actors that I wouldn’t get any other way.  The extra content on The Closer: The Complete Sixth Season on DVD doesn’t disappoint.

There are four bonus features included:

  • Script to Screen: Making Episode 3 In Custody
  • Kyra Sedgwick opens up about The Closer
  • Police Files: Unaired Scenes
  • Gag Reel

What’s my favorite DVD bonus feature?  It’s a toss up.  I loved the unaired scenes – some should have made in to the series, they were fabulous.  But there were certainly others that were left out with good reason.  I also loved the gag reel.  Who doesn’t love bloopers?!? I love seeing the actors break character and try to crack each other up.

The sit down interview with Kyra Sedwick, the star of The Closer, was very informational – lots of details on why she chose to do the show even though she didn’t plan to do TV and why she thinks the show has such loyal fans.  There’s also production details on how they make the show feel real and some behind-the-scenes specifics on the stunt work as well.

DVD Extras Preview (Video)

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At work, L.A. Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson is a woman in charge. Got a suspect to grill, a case to crack, a murderer about to walk? Call Brenda in and watch the fireworks. But at home…well, that’s another story. The series combines heart, humor and homicide into a show that’s equally compelling as a police procedural and a personal drama.

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