My Patriotic Pups Wishing you the best this 4th of July

My husband is on duty today, first riding in the ladder truck and waving at all those celebrating and later scooping up all the people who’ve celebrated too much.  Today is one of the Fire Department‘s busiest days – drownings, drunk drivers, heat exhaustion, burns and more.  Please don’t add to the workload and become a patient yourself…drive safely and only if you’re sober, be sunsafe and wear sunscreen, keep kids away from fireworks, and use caution when lighting fireworks.  And always use caution around water – there are so many accidents on hot days with people around water and it’s not just kids.

Since the hubby it gone, it’s just me and the pup’s so they’d like to wish you a Yappy 4th of July and they’d like to apologize in advance for all the barking they’ll be doing tonight 🙂