WATERGEEKSTHUMBThe more I read about dangers in our water, the more I want to protect myself.  Plus, I’m forgoing bottled water because of the dangers producing the bottles causes to those living near the plants that make them and because of the unnecessary waste they create.  Plus, a lot of bottled water is taken right out of municipal water sources, so why would I pay premium prices for the same water I can get out of my tap?

That said, a whole-house purifier would be amazing, but it’s not in the budget.  I needed an affordable way to reduce chlorine, chromium, heavy metals and other contaminants that might be in my water.  The Pure Blue portable water bottle works for me in an on-the-go situation.  It allows me to filter while I drink and filter water from just about any source.

According to WaterGeeks, testing of their Pure Blue filter reduces chlorine, lead, chromium, cadmium, and mercury up to 98% (ranges from 91% to 98%).  I like that.  They have not had that claim certified by an independent 3rd party as of yet and therefore they advertise that it meets the reduction requirements set forth in the current NSF/ANSI Standard 53 for the reduction of heavy metals and chromium.  They are required to let consumers know about the testing status until they are certified.

I’m hopeful that they complete the testing soon.  It’s a little worrisome to be using a filter that’s not certified.

WaterGeeks True Blue Filter Reuseable Water Bottle

WaterGeeks True Blue Filter Reuseable Water Bottle


  • Order a replacement filter
  • Wash by hand in warm soapy water to extend the life of the paint
  • Do not use soap to wash filter; soak the filter before first use
  • WARNING: Not for use where water is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality
  • CAUTION: Not for use with hot liquids
  • Filter Capacity: 80 gallons (800-12oz servings, 400-24oz servings)


BabyGeek reuseable water bottle

BabyGeek reuseable water bottle

What I do love is their WaterGeeks BabyGeek.  It’s so genius!  It’s a kid-friendly transition sippy cup that’s unlined (lining on many items leaches and causes contamination).  It’s BPA-free and Phthalate-free – both chemicals that should be avoided, especially with developing babies. And several different tops are available to convert it from a sippy cup to a sports cap.

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WaterGeeks are available at sporting goods stores and online at at their website and Amazon.com.

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