Scoop Your PoopThis is a clever video to get people to think about the consequences of not cleaning up after their dogs.  Sure, there’s the gross factor – who wants their kids playing where dog poop lies.  Blech.  Or who wants to spread out a picnic blanket to find they’re enjoying their lunch on a doggy landmine.  Double gross.  But worse, all that poop gets washed into our drainage systems and it makes its way into the Puget Sound.  Seriously wrong.

You don’t want to swim in poo!”

Dog waste, lawn chemicals, oil, and more are being washed into our drain systems. Who hasn’t seen a neighbor washing his car and hosing the suds into the drain….I often wonder why they aren’t reading the “LEADS TO STREAM” warning painted on every one of them.  Their toxic chemicals are going through our streams, killing the fish (some of our streams here are dead now), and making their way to the Sound.

Sure, you think, what’s a little soap, lawn fertilizer, or liquified dog poop….I’m just one person.  But that’s the problem. You’re one of MILLIONS doing it and really, is it so hard to pick up your dog’s poop?  Or use soap that WON”T kill fish? Or use safer lawn chemicals or use them sparingly.

Better yet, why not fork out a few bucks and go to the car wash where the water is filtered and reused.  Seriously, it won’t kill you to have a dirty car and I won’t think less of you. Having a car define you is a whole ‘nother story.  And not picking up your poop?  In a public place is inexcusable, but at home, you think your neighbors can’t smell it?  Uh, they can (hello neighbor, would you scoop that years worth of poop please so on hot days like today I can enjoy my backyard?).

Anyway, I thought this dog poop PSA was kinda silly but it might remind people to scoop after their pooch.

“Dog Doogity” Dog Poop PSA for

(Blackstreet – No Diggity spoof) ft Martin Luther