Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Brand bandaids - CarsWhen my kids were little, they LOVED character band-aids, so much so that we used to give them boxes of their favorites in their Christmas stockings and Easter Baskets.  That way they could cover their bumps, cuts, and scrapes both real an imaginary.  It was just too cute to see them plastered every which way all over their body – body stickers is how we looked at it back then.

Luckily they grew out of their Band-aid craze, but we did still carry the character bandages for years after that whenever we traveled and we kept a stockpile at home.  It wasn’t that long ago that I pulled out a bandage from our first aid kit and had to giggle because the boys are in their mid-20’s now and this was a happy face bandage from 15-years before.  It still makes me smile and I miss having a reason to buy the boxes and can’t wait to have grand-kids so I can do the same for them.

Cars 2 hit theaters last week and to celebrate, BAND-AID® Brand Decorated Adhesive Bandages now has your favorite Cars characters! Available or about $4.50 a box for 20 assorted sizes.  So for those of you lucky enough to have little ones in your life, make them smile then next time they get an owie with fun Cars 2 characters.

Also, check out the Band-Aid website.  It offers help with proper wound care and has a great downloadable first-aid kit check list so you’ll have what you need on-hand for minor injuries.  There are also some fun activities for kids.

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