My new Lenox Butterfly Vase I love Lenox china, giftware, and home decor products because they’re classic and timeless.  I have pieces dating back to the late 70’s and they look just as fabulous as pieces I pick up today.  I love their creamy white pieces trimmed with gold and their Christmas ivy pattern is one of my favorites.

Lenox pieces are quality pieces.  Their craftsmanship is outstanding and I’ve never had to return a piece for a flaw; they’ve all come to me flawlessly.  Their crystal is amazing as well, but I haven’t purchased any because it was included on our wedding registry and we received quite a lot of it.  Sadly, it’s packed away with our wedding china, unused for years.  I need to get them out and enjoy them because we’re about to celebrate our 28th anniversary and it’s time we stopped saving them for special occasions.  And unlike our wedding china, which is so dated now and dare I say ugly (we loved them in 1983), the crystal is a heritage pattern I still love and will hand down to my children.

The nice folks at Lenox sent me this beautiful vase to review.  It’s stunning and although it looks delicate, it’s quite sturdy.  I ventured outside to find some flowers to display in it and discovered that yesterday’s rain had dowsed everything and until I get some new growth, the vase will have to stand alone.  But it’s beautiful enough to do that.  And I love that it goes so fabulously with my vintage white ceramic pieces.

My new Lenox Butterfly Vase displayed with my vintage white McCoy pottery

My new Lenox Butterfly Vase displayed with my vintage white McCoy pottery

Butterflies & Lace Bud Vase # 774564A

A graceful butterfly is drawn to this vase… even when it’s empty. That’s because a sculpted butterfly alights on the side of the vase, which is decorated with a raised floral motif. An openwork design encircles the vase just beneath its scalloped rim, which is edged in 24 karat gold. Crafted of Lenox ivory fine china accented with 24 karat gold Includes yellow gift box

Height: 8″   Introduced 2007   Imported

$58.00 $19.95

Available at

The vase is a phenomenal deal on clearance right now as are lots of other great tableware and giftware items.