Custom Flip Flops

My custom flip flops

I’m not much of a flip flops wearer, but I know that I’m in the minority.  I just am not a fan of the thong between my toes (yes, we call them thongs up here and did long before it became a type of panty!).  But my son has started a 5-month internship and while he’s there, he’ll be living in a bunkhouse with other people and sharing a shower, so I needed to find some mens sandals that could be worn in the shower. And I wanted ones that weren’t so cheap that they fell apart after a few wearings (like Old Navy’s cheap flip flops – they’re cheap because they’re cheaply made).

So I searched and found the Havaianas website.  I loved that they had a great selection of mens and womens sandals as well as make-your-own styles.  I played around with the custom sandal maker and here’s the pair I’d buy, if I wore thongs.  Pink, purple and rhinestones….so me!  They do have an entire bridal section.  Do brides really wear flip flops?  They’re cute, but still.

I did find a few perfect styles for my son and I can have them sent directly to him.  He’s going to enjoy the protection in the shower they offer and since the daytime temperatures where he’s at are about 101, he’ll make use of them out and about as well.  They’ll keep his feet cool, but protect him from the scorching hot pavement and because they’re so well-made and the soles are stur

dy, they should last for years.

Oh, they do have shoes and yes, I love the low sneakers even though they’re meant for someone 30-years younger.  I can’t help it, they’re cute and they look so comfy!

There are so many cute styles and colors available.  I love the patterned soles and metallic straps, especially the women’s Slim Turkish Havaianas – they’re gorgeous!  I just am not ready to wear thongs – on my feet or anywhere else!

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