Triberr The Reach MultiplierTriberr is genius.  It’s so simple and yet does so much.  First let me say that it’s in Beta so the way it functions today can and probably will change.  But as it stands right now, Triberr is a fabulous way for you to get your content retweeted on Twitter by quality folks that you choose to partner with through Tribes.  One person acts as Chief and he/she invites other like minded or similar tweeters who either blog about the same type of content or who have content that compliments their own.

The best tribe is one made up of similarly sized tweeters (ie., someone with 500 friends on Twitter will gain more from someone with 15,000 friends and not the other way around).  Also, becoming Tribesmen with someone who’s followers are interested in Politics when you blog about coupons and discounts won’t likely result in more views for your site, either.  So picking who you partner with is important.  Once you’ve invited your prospective Tribesmen and they’ve accepted, the magic starts.

When you set up your Triberr account you connect it to your blog feed.  Once done, all of your feed posts get sent to your Triberr dashboard and you select which you’d like to be tweeted by your Tribesmen and which you’d like to skip.  You can also stop a tweet from going out if you decide you’ve made an error or for some reason just don’t want it shared.

Triberr takes your tweet and sends it out to all of your Tribesmen’s Twitter streams but not all at once, it sends them out a few minutes apart so as not to annoy anyone who might be following two or more Tribesmen.  It’s also supposed to hold the tweets until the maximum number of followers is online, presumably during the daytime hours, but that portion of Tribber appears to need more work as it is tweeting overnight and I’ve seen reports on my Twitter account that shows the most number of my friends are definitely not on overnight.

Once your post has been tweeted, you can check out your Triberr dashboard and see how many people from each tribe mate clicked on your link.  Right now I have 15 Tribesmen sharing my content and I average 25 clicks on each post they tweet out.  That’s 25 additional  views per post but more importantly, there’s a very high likelihood they’re new people being introduced to my blog.  And that’s priceless.

This graphic shows what my Triberr Dashboard looks like.  It lists all of my blog posts and allows me to stop them from being tweeted or I can delete them entirely.  But the fun part is the pie graph on the right – it tells me the number of times that blog post was clicked on when it was tweeted by my Tribesmen.  To see the actual tweeter and how many of his/her users clicked on the post, I just click on the pie chart.  The dashboard also shows the potential reach of all of your Tribesman – by joining tribes, my reach has expanded from 15,951 (the number of my Twitter followers) to 111,321, the sum of all of our Twitter followers.

My Triberr Dashboard

My Triberr Dashboard

Had I chosen my Tribemates more carefully in the beginning, I’d have a higher click through rate, but I learned the value of tribe building by making mistakes.

So what do you do if someone blogs something you’re not comfortable with tweeting?  You have the final say on what gets tweeted and what doesn’t, but it’s more important to pick your Tribesmen carefully so you don’t have to micromanage your Triberr account.

So, to put it simply:

  • Sign up at Triberr (it’s invite only currently so you’ll have to connect with someone who’s a member – thanks Dan Cristo for reminding me)
  • Connect your blog feed to your Triberr account
  • Join or fill your tribe with quality people who have complimentary blogs that you feel comfortable retweeting without having the verify each post
  • And then sit back and enjoy the extra exposure!

No asking for retweets, your @username gets out there which ups your Klout, your readers are exposed to great content and your great content is shared with others, automatically.  How fabulous is that?

Oh, and what’s it cost?  It’s free, but you can purchase “bones” for some upgrades – like to make your tribe larger or retweet tweets, but that’s completely optional.

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