EnvironsaxI’m all about sustainability and using Envirosax reusable bags are one way I can keep disposable bags from heading to the landfill every time I shop.  I love that they offer cute bags that fold down into a tiny little parcel I can tuck into my purse to have on hand when shopping or traveling. I recently used one on my trip to LA to bring back the souvenirs I picked up down there and couldn’t pack in my suitcase.

Their newest bags are decorated with amazing scenic photos of New York, Paris, and Sydney. “Whether you are exploring exotic places or discovering local hidden hideaways in your own hometown, these bags are designed for the adventurous at heart,” said founder and CEO Belinda David-Tooze.

“It is delightful to receive feedback from customers around the world who love using the bags for their stylish designs and environmental contribution,” says owner Belinda David-Tooze. “The biggest thrill though, is the knowledge that this business is making an impact, educating adults and children about the importance of reuse and leaving an environmental legacy for my children – at least they will know we played our part and tried to make a difference. Envirosax designs are all about trend, but we believe caring for our planet is a lifestyle.”

The Travel pack can be purchased as a pouch (with 3 bags) or individually. They make great gifts for friends who have a special fondness or memories of these cities or who are trying to do more for the earth.

Use your Envirosax for:

  • Carry-on luggage
  • Laundry bag
  • Beach bag, perfect for wet towels and suits
  • Groceries
  • shopping
  • Carrying shoes
  • Anything, anywhere, anytime as you will always have it with you!
  • Bag Dimensions (unrolled):  19.5″ x 16.5″
  • Bag Dimensions (in pouch):  4″ x 1.5″
  • Weight Capacity:  44 lbs
  • Bag Weight:  1.4 oz
  • Price:  $8.95 single bag/ $24.95 for 3 bags and one pouch

About Envirosax

Envirosax, the world leader in designer reusable bags, is committed to making a substantial environmental impact with fashion, design and innovative products. The Envirosax team operates on environmentally sustainable principles following the lead of founders Belinda and Mark David-Tooze who live an organic, sustainable, carbon neutral lifestyle.


Photo Credit:  Envirosax.com