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I was a working mother for over twenty years and in that time I had to make a lot of tough decisions.  Sometimes in order to keep my job I had to miss an important family event and at other times I was willing to lose my job to be where my heart told me I needed to be.  It’s certainly not easy to balance the work/home life and I regret that I didn’t spend as much time doing everyday things with my boys, but the past is the past and I had a fabulous husband who was with the kids most of the time I wasn’t.  It worked for us.

One of the reasons I enjoy watching “The Closer” is that the character played by Kyra Sedgwick goes through some similar struggles.  Many are very true to life but of course, it’s a TV show, so some are over the top and those are what I like to call my fantasy sequences.  They’re the things I’d do and say if I didn’t have to worry about going back to work the next day.  I’d love to be able to talk to co-workers the same honest and frank way she does, but I’d be fired in a heartbeat.  Like most TV shows, they go well beyond what anyone could get away with in real life, but that’s part of the fun.

So, if you’re looking for some kick-butt and take names kind of relationships, check out “The Closer“.
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