Wheat Thins StixI’ve never tried the new Wheat Thins Stix, preferring to stick to organic chips and crackers, but when Nabisco sent me a box of each of their new flavors, I couldn’t help but give them a try.  These new crackers are shaped like large stick pretzels (about 3″ long) and come packaged in a box that’s reminiscent of a Chinese Take-out Food container (sans the metal handle).  The purpose of this new box is to make snacking easier and less messy, and it features a fold-down top so it makes its own bowl.

The two new flavors are Chipotle Pepper and Cinnamon Kick. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the new shape – the crunchiness and thickness was a great change from the flat, hard regular Wheat Thins.  Each of the flavors has 11g of whole grains per serving and packs 130 calories in 14 Stix.  A box is 8 servings, but it’s easy to go well above a single serving.

Wheat Thins Cinnamon Kick Snack CrackersHow’d they taste?  Disappointing.  I was so looking forward to the Cinnamon Kick, but it was more like buttered toast.  They had a very strong margarine taste and only the slightest aftertaste of cinnamon.  I thought I’d hate the Chipotle Pepper since I’m not a fan of peppers, but they were mild enough for even me, anyone expecting a “kick” will be disappointed.

I’d skip the new flavors and try the original flavor, Honey Wheat. Or skip the Stix’s and go with the original Wheat Thins and add real toppings instead of “flavors”.  Some cream cheese with Chipotle Pepper sauce or my favorite – Wheat Thins and cheddar cheese – simple and delicious.

Suggested retail price for an 8-oz package is $3.49.

Company Information

Website: www.kraftfoodscompany.com

Wheat Thins at Nabisco World:  http://www.nabiscoworld.com/wheatthins/index.html


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