GroVia™ Green Reusable and Hybrid Diapering SystemIt’s summer and that usually means a trip or two and if you’re a cloth diapering family, the decision on how to maintain your desire to keep your baby’s bum diapered in a earth-friendly and baby-friendly way while still doing it conveniently.  There are disposables of course, and some are greener than others, but there’s also a hybrid diaper that’s pretty perfect.  What’s a hybrid diaper?  It’s a reusable shell with a disposable liner and GroVia™ offers a great eco-friendly liner and shells plus they have a special offer just for summer travels!

GroVia™ offers an easy and convenient and specially priced Gro-to-Go Summer Kit which comes complete with 3 Hybrid Shells, 50 BioSoakers, and 3 packets of Tiny Bubbles diaper wash, so you’re all set or wherever you head.  This kit is a special offer (a $22 saving!!!) and is only available until June 30th.


About GroVia™

All of GroVia’s products are designed  and refined from years of personal use and testing with care.  They look at the impact on the environment as well as what’s best for baby to come up with the best diapering product for your baby.

  • GroVia™ Shells – using GroVia™ shells means less waste in landfills, hundreds of dollars in savings each year, less diaper rash for baby, no Dioxins, and they’re so soft, comfortable, and cute.  No pins or tape – comfortable snaps that adjust for the perfect fit.  GroVia™ shells are washed and hung to dry – super easy!
  • GroVia BioSoaker – If cloth inserts are too much trouble while traveling, use the BioSoaker inserts.  Lay one a BioSoaker® in your GroVia™ Shell or favorite diaper cover and fasten on baby.  Or use sticky tabs to adhere to cotton underwear as trainers!  BioSoakers® are fragrance- and dye-free as well as plastic- and chlorine-free.  Your baby’s delicate skin will thank you!

Most babies need between 2-4 shells per day (newborns may ago through more).  GroVia is available at retailers nationwide and online including  They make fabulous baby shower gifts and would be appreciated by most new moms.

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