Stacey Snider CEO & Co-Chairman Dreamworks and Women Bloggers June 2011

Stacey Snider CEO & Co-Chairman Dreamworks and Women Bloggers

UPDATE!  “The Help” is opening early!  See it in theaters starting 8/10/2011.

I saw “The Help” today thanks to being invited to an amazing event via Disney and Dreamworks.  While I’ve been asked to hold my review until closer to the release date, I can tell you about our screening.  First, since I’ve read the book, I brought along some tissue because there are several touching parts I didn’t think I’d get through without crying.  And knowing that others in our group (21 women bloggers from all over the US) might need them, I brought extra.  Before the movie started, I passed out my tissue and two boxes that were in the DreamWorks screening room  were shared – yes, before the movie even started.

Everyone took tissues with the exception of the the woman sitting next to me.  Jean said, “I’m not going to cry, I’m going to be a cold-hearted bi*ch,” and with that she declined the tissues.

Minutes into the movie the sniffles started.  First behind me, then in front of me, and during a pivotal scene about a third of the way into the movie Jean sniffled, the tell-tale sign tears were falling.  Well, I couldn’t help myself.  When I’m nervous or tense I either cry or laugh – both inappropriately and that’s just what I did.  During the scene where a death is shared with others and Jean starts crying, I laughed.  So, I will forever be the woman who laughed while others sobbed….but only because they didn’t know how incredibly funny it was to hear Jean succumb to tears after her declaration before the start.

DreamWorks Studio Screening Room

DreamWorks Studio Screening Room – Source

Did I like the movie?  No, I LOVED the movie and so did the other 21 women I was with. Sobbing, laughing, and my nervous giggle were all testaments to its brilliance.  DreamWorks did a phenomenal job of telling the story very much like the book.  Our audience was split about evenly between those that had read the book and those that hadn’t and it didn’t appear to make in difference in how well received the movie was.

We got the opportunity to interview Stacey Snider, CEO and Co-Chair of DreamWorks.  Unfortunately, the interview took place minutes after the movie finished so Stacey had 22 tearful women, dabbing at their eyes, and trying to ask questions without crying for the next 30-minutes.  I have audio from the interview and will be sharing it soon.  Stacey had a lot of amazing background information on the making of “The Help” that I want to share.

So, make plans to see “The Help” and bring tissues.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if the moment is right, you’ll giggle nervously like I did.


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