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So the trip  down to LA was pretty spectacular.  I’ve never flown on Virgin America before and I was thrilled with the amount of leg room, the width of the seat, the fabulous food and great service.  Yes, I was in First Class, so I don’t know how it’ll be on the way home when I likely won’t be able to upgrade (I’ll certainly be trying).

I started reading my next book assignment, “Growing Up Amish,” a memoir by Ira Wagler.  It’s really fascinating to learn more about the Amish people from someone who grew up in the faith.For instance, there are all types of Amish and even the Amish think some of the other orders are strange.  They have different dialects and manner of dress.  They also make different allowances for electricity, motors, and telephones.  Some allow them, others only in certain areas, and the strictest not at all.   I’ve got quite a few chapters left in the book, but I’m hoping to get it done before I return home on Sunday.

The lunch I had was vegetable risotto with a pasta dish (on china with real forks and glasses – take that back of the plane!), two kinds of cheesecake (one with caramelized bacon on top – I skipped that one), a tiny shredded lettuce Thai salad, and a delicious and warm crunchy brown roll. Lunch was amazingly good – the risotto had a crispy crumb topping and the sauce on the noodles was buttery and smooth.  I’ve had my fill of Sprite Zero as the attendant, with spiked hair up the center and a name like Dejion, took care of my every need.  He was pleasant, funny, and attentive – a perfect combination.

I sat on the plane next to Dan Savage.  At least I’m pretty sure it was him.  I’ll have to check his profile to confirm it. Anyway he was in  his 40’s, very thin, and wore the hood of his hoody up over his head much of the trip.  He also rocked some tennis shoes which spent a great deal of time up on the plexiglass divider in front of us.  Not what you’d expect from someone his age.  Here it is mid-flight and we’ve not even acknowledged each other . This is totally weird for me.  I’m that random woman on the plane who will talk to anyone.  My husband HATES that!  (Just checked Wikipedia, it was him 🙂

The trip was mostly smooth and since I was too cheap to pay for Wi-fi ($9ish) I decided to type up this post and look over our schedule again. I also spent more time looking out the window than I usually do.  The sky has just loose clouds so I saw Mt St Helens and Mt Hood – gorgeous.  I’m much more calm this trip than I normally am. Granted, I’m very comfortable, my 5’10” frame is not squished by the reclined seat in front of me,  and there’s a lot less commotion going on around me than there usually is.  And I’m flying alone, so I don’t have to worry about the safety and comfort of anyone else.

I’m looking forward to a light day on the schedule today.  Once we arrive, we have time to rest and change the shirt I dropped ONE tiny piece of risotto on…it happened to be coated in cheese sauce so I have a nice grease stain on the front of my shirt – I’m so classy!   Tonight is just a “get acquainted” dinner with our “handlers” (I hope they’re up to this) and a chance for us to all get to know each other and get comfortable.

Tomorrow it’s Winnie the Pooh day, all day!  First the movie (which I’m really looking forward to).  We’ll also be seeing the animate short “The Ballad of Nessie” and then we’ll take a brief tour with the Directors of the Pooh, Don Hall and Stephen Anderson.  They look so young, it’s amazing that they’ve had so much responsibility and obviously so much talent at such a young age (and by young I mean 30’s or 40’s).

We continue on the WTP day and then finish up a free evening.  I would like to go out and explore Hollywood, and hope that I’m not too wiped out from the morning.  This is when I hate having Multiple Sclerosis.  I’ll likely end up going back to the room and napping and having dinner in my room.  That will be nice, too.

So, that’s day one of my Disney/Dreamworks Blogging Event.  Thanks so much for coming along with me!


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