Children are curious creatures. They’re constantly learning, investigating and asking questions. The two most famous ones are undoubtedly “Why?” and “How?”. While some questions could be easily answered with a “because I said so”, there are some that even I couldn’t answer, questions like “How Do Elephants Communicate?”. The quickest answer would be to just explain that they make sounds, but did you know that elephants can express their feelings to one another by simply flapping their ears or tilting their heads a certain way? Did you also know that when elephants touch trunks, they are actually saying hello to each other?

Well thanks to the TIME for Kids: Big Book of How, you and your children can now cure their curiosity with the flip of a page. Being that the book contains over 501 facts, divided into separate topics, this book could quite possibly put an end to the “Why?” epidemic. If that’s not enough, your kids are sure to be drawn in by the fun illustrations, diagrams and detailed images, over 200 of them. At the end of each topic (ie. transportation,  human body), they’ve included tips and activities to go along with them. For example, in the human body chapter your child will learn, step-by-step, how to make their very own stethoscope.

“Kids have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and endless curiosity. Following the success of BIG Book of Why, we created BIG Book of How with kids in mind,” said Bob Der, Editorial Director, TIME For Kids. “We filled the book with answers and explanations to questions in a vast number of subject areas, and presented it in fun, family-friendly way.”

While the book is recommended for children’s ages 8 and up, there’s no denying that my 4-year old was eager to get her hands on it. A few of the facts were definitely too advanced for her, like how a maglev train works, but most of them were explained easily enough for her to understand yet still interesting enough for an older crowd. I mean seriously, who hasn’t wondered chocolate is made? I, for one, had no idea that “chocolate liquor“, an important part of the chocolate-making process, was a non-alcoholic liquid made up of cacao and cocoa butter.

So by now, I bet you’re wonder HOW you can get your own copy! TIME for Kids: Big Book of How is available online at Amazon and in bookstores nationwide.


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