winebottlesMy husband LOVES wine.  No he’s not a connoisseur and he wouldn’t know a fleshy wine from a fat one, but he does know what he likes.  And generally that’s anything super dry.  So knowing this, I love to purchase him inexpensive wines to try with my even more limited knowledge of wine.  I’ve gone the expensive route, and he swears he can’t taste the difference.  So instead, I experiment with wines from around the world and switch between Brut Champagne and Pinot Grigio (his current favorite) for fun.

Wine of the Month Club

I was recently able to give my husband a few bottles from The California Wine Club.  The club is a site for wine fans and connoisseurs.  Not only do they offer case prices and club memberships, they also have some great wine gift options. They offer four Wine of the Month Clubs to choose from, so you’ll likely find the perfect one for yourself or as a gift.

Here are their current offerings:

  • After a hard day of work in the yard, the hubby enjoy the Bixler Vineyard wine from The California Wine Club

    After a hard day of work in the yard, the hubby enjoy the Bixler Vineyard wine from The California Wine Club

    Premier Club – their most popular club – features “mom & pop” California wines

  • Signature Series – For the collector or connoisseurs, it’s the upper-level wine of the month club.  These are extraordinary, highly rated and extremely rare wines.
  • International Selections – From small “mom & pop” wineries around the world.
  • Aged Cabernet Series – Napa’s most prestigious Cabernets aged 8 – 12 years.

Gift Giving Special Offer

The California Wine Club has a fabulous gift wine subscription offer for Dad, Grads, and Newlyweds.  For only $98.90, your gift recipient will get a three-month gift for the price of two (you’ll save $49.45!).  They send two bottles of your choice (red and/or white) each month with a copy of Uncorked® magazine, The California Wine Club’s own magazine which shares information on the family behind the wines, as well as tasting notes and wine tips.  Your gift will also include a personal message from you.  All this and an 100% satisfaction guarantee (If you get a bad bottle, they will immediately ship a replacement or refund your money!).  Even better, the more months you purchase, the more you save!  They offer discounts on 6, 9, and 12 month subscriptions.


Bixler Vineyard Red from The California Wine Club

My husband LOVED the wine he received from the club.  It was securely packaged and the bottles arrived in perfect condition.  He received a red and white from Bixler Vineyards.  Prior to receiving the wine, the hubby had only had a red on a few occasions and he’s never been a fan.  After drinking and enjoying the Bixler red, he’s a convert.  OK, so he chills his red (I hear the gasp from wine Connoisseurs all over the world – oh, and we have red wine goblets, but he’s using a champagne glass in the photo – we’re not heathens, we’re just lazy), but hey, to each his own.

I’ll be purchasing the Wine of the Month Club from The California Wine Club for the hubby for Christmas.  I had intended on buying it for Father’s Day, but he bought himself a pricey chainsaw as a gift to himself.  If he only knew what he was giving up, he might have chopped that tree down with an axe.

Special thanks to Bruce and Pam Boring for allowing me to gift my husband with two great bottles of wine, he was thrilled!




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