Scotch-Brite logoI’m spoiled, I admit it.  My husband does a ton of housework and that includes most of the  gross stuff, like the bathrooms.  He also does more than his share of the dishes.  I suppose I should feel guilty, but instead, I’m just grateful.

We recently got a box of Scotch-BriteBathroom Solutions sample products to try out and evidently they’re working out just fine, because the bathroom looks great, especially the 1970’s shower stall that ridiculously hard to keep clean.  Turns out the the hubby has made use of all of the cleaning products Scotch-Brite sent, which are shaped differently to target specific areas of the bathroom like behind the toilet and around the faucet and drain and I’m using the mirror wipe and tub scrubber almost daily myself.

Scotch-Brite™ is a brand we’ve used for years.  We love their durability, but they’re gentle on our hands as well as bathroom surfaces.  And, they come clean after use by tossing them in the dishwasher or washing them in disinfectant.

Scotchbrite Bathroom Solutions Products

Check out all of the Scotch-BriteBathroom Solutions:

  • Non-Scratch Tub Scrubber
  • Non-Scratch Shower Scrubber
  • Grout Scrubber
  • Nook & Cranny Scrubber
  • Non-Scratch Angled Scrubber
  • Soap Scum Eraser
  • Streak-Free Mirror Cloth
  • Reusable Counter Cloth
Non-Scratch Shower Scrubber

Non-Scratch Shower Scrubber

Which are our favorites? Well, we both love the Non-Scratch Shower Scrubber.  The handle is a great length to reach to the back of the tub without having to crawl inside.  We also love that it feels sturdy – we’ve tried other handled scrubbers before and worried that they’d break on the first use.  The pad is replaceable, we love that.  I bought a second one to use to clean the floors behind the toilets….seriously, the grossest job in the bathroom.  The handle lets me clean without going anywhere near it.

Streak-Free Mirror Cloth

Streak-Free Mirror Cloth

My other fav is theScotch-BriteStreak-Free Mirror Cloth.  I love it because it allows me to wipe down my mirrors, faucets, shower doors, tv screens, etc., chemical-free (although you can use it with glass cleaner if you prefer).  And, it doesn’t leave any lint or streaks behind.  To clean it, toss it in the washing machine.

These are our favorites, but all of the Scotch-BriteBathroom Solutions work beautifully for their intended use.

Who cleans the bathroom in your home? Am I the only wife who’s spoiled by her husband?



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