Pretty Little Liars Season One on DVDI’ve finished watching Pretty Little Liars Season One on DVD (just out this week!) and I had the chance to check out all the bonus features. There are several, and they’re all pretty good, but my favorites are Two Truths and a Lie and Making of Little Liars.

In Two Truths and a Lie, each star lists three things that may have occurred in her life or something she might have done. The fun is trying to figure out which item on the list is the lie. It gives some insight into the actor and her life. Each of the actors’ answers are interspersed with fun little clips from the show.

My other favorite Season One DVD extra is Making of Little Liars. It includes the cast talking about their auditions and interviews with the book’s author (who had a cameo as Ezra’s substitute teacher).  The extra goes into a lot o details about how the books differ from the show. Since I’ve never read the books, I wasn’t aware that the parents’ roles in the show are exclusive to the series. I was actually surprised to hear this. I’d miss the family dynamic that exist because of the parents’ storylines and I love how the crossover into the kids’ storylines – like a real family.

I also love how the girls were chosen for the roles (see the clip below), how they each prepare differently for their scenes, and more. The girls talk about how some have read the books to find out more about their characters and others haven’t, preferring to be surprised by what comes next.

There’s also a pretty complete look at the fashions of Pretty Little Liars. The stylist talks about how she comes up with the style for each character and how she tries to make the fashions accessible and affordable.  Many of the fashions worn on Pretty Little Liars can be found at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

The were a few fun surprises, like where microphones are hidden on set – one was hidden in a muffin on the lunch table.  I love that. And  that the pilot was filmed in the middle of a cold and rainy winter in Vancouver, but the girls had to wear bikinis because the scenes they were filming portrayed the summer before school started so they had to lounge poolside.  Heaters, coats, and Ugg boots kept the girls warm.

“Selecting the Cast” Clip from Season One DVD Extras

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