don’t eat out much, and when we do, I’m limited by the vegetarian choices on the menu. So for years I’ve been eating off the appetizer menu as there are usually a few things there that I can eat with just a few changes. Well, it appears I’m not the only person who likes the appetizers….

Chili’s Bar and Grill Restaurant Video

I love it! And although I’ve never eaten at Chili’s Bar and Grill Restaurant because ours is located in the Seattle/Tacoma airport, I’m going to to now because I love their sense of humor! If I could have my dream triple dipper platter?  It’d be fried cheese with marinara sauce x 3 – calories don’t count in our dreams, right? I also love that they’re highlighting their appetizer menu right now with a fun promotion and they’ve given you several great ways to win!

The Chili’s Triple Dipper – Good Things Come in 3’s Event

  1. Enter to win a $20 Chili’s Triple Dipper gift card from us – use the widget below to enter.
  2. Visit the Shout Out to Eat Out,  Chili’s Triple Dipper – Good Things Come in 3’s website you can enter for daily prizes or even the grand prize, a $333 Chili’s gift card!
  3. Visit the Chili’s Triple Dipper Review & Good Things Come in 3′s Linky Rave Giveaway where there are links to over 200 other blogs giving away gift cards (no limit on the number you can win).


  • Need to find the Chili’s Bar and Grill Restaurant in your neighborhood?  Visit their Chili’s restaurant locator page for locations and directions.
  • Check out Chili’s menu online (including a link to a PDF menu file for vegetarian suggestions; however, Chili’s is very upfront that they’re not serving certified vegetarian, ie., it likely came in contact with cooking or prep surfaces which also handled meat products).
  • Chili’s Bar and Grill Restaurant nutrition and allergy information is available online in PDF file format.

WIN IT! lucky ready will win a $20 Chili’s Bar and Grill Restaurant Gift Card.  There is one unusual required entry.  Chili’s is giving the blog with the most entries a gift card.  To determine the winner, they’ve asked that everyone who enters visit this Google Document and type in this blog name (MiscFinds4u).  That’s it – nothing else will be collected from you and you don’t have to comment here.  Also, if you’re participating in multiple contests and have already followed Chili’s, just mark it as done!

Good luck!