I’ve colored my hair many times and usually, after another bad at-home experience, I go back to the salon.  For me it’s uneven coverage and stains from spills on my sink, carpet, clothing, and towels.  Oh, and there was the shower issue….I washed out dye and when I left the shower it look clean. But as the dye changed, my shower became stained with brown splashes of color everywhere.  Thankfully, some cleaning scrub and some elbow work took care of the stains eventually, but I swore off home hair coloring for about 3 years.

Now with the economy making luxuries like salon visits harder to come by, I’m happy to share these tips by Marie Robinson, the Clariol Color Director.  Perhaps with her expertise, at-home coloring mistakes like I’ve experienced will become a thing of the past.  Still, until Clairol offers an organic color, I won’t be using them, but I’m hoping they add one to their repertoire of coloring options soon.

Marie’s Top Tips for At-Home Hair Coloring:

  • Prep your bathroom prior to coloring your hair by setting out old towels to protect surfaces (editor’s note – I purchased a hair coloring cape online to protect me and my furniture!  Just a few dollars and it’s saved me so many time!)
  • When deciding on a hair color formula, it’s important to understand the different between a permanent and demi-permanent hair color.
    • Opt for a permanent hair color if you’re looking for a more dramatic change as that will provide you with dimensional color and 100% gray coverage
    • For a temporary change, go with a demi-permanent color that will enhance and boost color and shine in addition to providing up to 50% gray coverage. Demi-permanent hair colors typically rinse out in 28 washes.
  • When selecting a flattering shade, stay within two shades of your current hair color for best results.
  • For optimal results, do not wash your hair prior to coloring as its best to work with hair that was washed the previous day so your scalp has some natural oils protecting it.
  • Keep your skin hair color-free by putting Vaseline around your hair line to keep it from running into your skin.
  • To ensure hair color is evenly distributed – follow these simple steps:
    • Part your hair into three, even sections
    • Start by focusing on the roots and then work colorant through the rest of your hair
    • After your hair color has fully processed for the allotted amount of time, thoroughly rinse the hair color out with warm water, use your fingertips to massage the roots and continue to rinse hair until water runs clear.
  • Maintain healthy-looking, colored hair with a few easy steps:
    • Use a shampoo and conditioner specially-formulated for color-treated hair that will continually nourish and protect your hair
    • Treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioner
    • Use heat protection spray when heat styling
    • Reduce exposure to the sun and chlorinated water

About Marie Robinson, Clairol Color Director

Marie Robinson, one of the most influential colorists in the industry, got her start at the age of 19 with an apprenticeship at the Pierre Michel Salon in NYC.  There she discovered her artistic flair and natural inclination toward hair color and all of its attributes. Shortly thereafter, Marie began assisting other established talents in the industry; including celebrity hair stylist, Danilo.
After four years at Pierre Michel, she joined John Frieda, where she assisted Christophe Robin and mastered the skill of Balayage.   Marie’s talent soon caught the attention of Bumble and bumble, where she continued her work as a fulltime colorist to clients, as well as an instructor.  In 2003, she was recruited to the newly opened Sally Hershberger Downtown salon where she served as head colorist for seven years.

Marie’s unmatched talent and warm personality has allowed her to build a long, and loyal list of celebrity clients including Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Natalie Portman, Rachel Weisz, Liv Tyler, Heather Graham, Naomi Watts, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Catherine Keener, Keri Russell, Kyle MacLachlan and Stephanie Seymour, among others.  She regularly collaborates with other top stylists including Mark Townsend, Adir Abergel and Serge Normant.

Her experience ranges from editorials with Vogue and Elle to feature films including the highly anticipated Sex & The City 2 to television shows like Gossip Girl.   Her work has also been featured in advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix and Dolce & Gabanna.  Marie has created a powerful voice in hair color and has demonstrated the ability to succeed and adapt in any situation.

In the spring of 2010, Marie not only launched her own venture, the Marie Robinson salon in New York City, but also signed on as Clairol Color Director.  Marie brings her unmatched services and attention to detail to her salon and lends her expertise and voice to Clairol, educating and empowering women everywhere.