Twirly Girl WOW Dress in Pink

When I first found out that I was having a girl nearly five years ago, I immediately started to think of ballerina-clad bed sheets,  big puffy tutus,  sparking tiaras, glittery shoes, twirly dresses and other girly getups like the WOW Wings of Wonder™ dress from TwirlyGirl®. Luckily, my baby turned out to be just as much of a princess as I assumed she would!

TwirlyGirl® offers a huge selection of the most darling girls clothing to get your kids imagination going. Everything they carry reeks of girly-frilly-princessy-playtime fun, from their signature reversible dresses to their easy, comfortable trapeze dresses. They even sell coordinating bandanas and headbands to go with all of their dress styles.  The only downfall is that there are so many color and print combinations, it makes it nearly impossible to choose just one!

After much deliberation, we decided to check out the WOW Wings of Wonder™ dress in Pixie Dust Petals — a rich, vibrant purple with a floral print skirt and pink, polka-dot FAIRY WINGS!!  My daughter was in love with this dress from the minute she opened the package (which was a work of art on its own).

We headed outside to indulge in a “fairy photoshoot” and that’s when the magic happened.

In addition to the WOW Wings of Wonder™ dress, we also received a pair of UnderTwirls™, soft & comfy shorts designed to be worn under any of the TwirlyGirl® dresses and skirts. The one’s we received were “Lively Lola” and went perfectly with our Pixie Dust dress.  Our dress also came with a coordinating belt that can be worn around the waist to hold down the “wings” or as a hair accessory when your fairy is flying around town, because all good fairies know how to keep their hair under control!

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