Google Plus 1 What is It

Google rolled out their answer to Facebook‘s popular like button.  Only unlike Facebook, the Google +1 button will allow you to let others know what you love, just about anywhere on the web. So today, webmasters all over the world scrambled to add the code to their site and they started popping up all over the web.  But what is Google +1 and what’s in it for you?

First, watch this video to learn more about the +1 button

So it’s simple. Just log into Google, surf the web or shop online, and +1 the things you like.  But what’s really in it for you?  Perhaps better search results based on other users.  I suppose that will help the sites that have real content float to the top.  But, I’m worried it’ll be gamed just like Google Page Rank.

Why do I care?

Because as a blogger, my worth to brands and PR firms in based on my rank.  When others are gaming the stats, legitimate bloggers can fall behind content farms.  Content farms generally pull content from legitimate blogs and post it as their own or as an excerpt and our content ends up on websites we didn’t authorize.

So, you know what Google +1 button is and you have a blog, should you add it?

Well, as you can see from the small icon above the title of this post, I’ve added it so yes, I think you should.  It’s rumored that Google Page Rank is going away and Google +1 button is replacing it.  So if you’re on the Blogger platform and have their social bar installed, you’re in luck.  You woke up this morning to a bright and shinny plus one button already installed for you.  But if you’re on a self-hosted WordPress blog you’ll have to go to Google’s +1 code page to get your code – you can find the page HERE.

Once you make a few selections, such as button size (Small -15px, Standard-24px, Medium-20px, or Tall-60px), your language (currently only English is available), and to count/no count on the button, you’ll be presented with to two small snippets of code.  The first goes in your blog’s header.  The second goes where you want the button to show up on your blog posts and/or pages.  Now if you’re not familiar with editing your blog files, don’t.  It may cost you $25 to have the code added, and sure it’s 5-minutes of work for someone who can do it, but if you try and you mess it up, it can be hours/days and hundreds to get your site back up.  Or, you can wait a few days – I’m sure some enterprising web coder will put together a plug-in to add it.

Who’s going to use it?

So, I’m curious.  Do you think “regular” web surfers will use Google’s +1 button to let others know what they like?  Or will it be bloggers like myself, out there hitting the pavement, asking people to +1 them?  I’m guessing the later and yes, would you kindly click that lovely little Google +1 button above the title of this post?  Love you!