20 Second Fitness Review - Day 1I’ve just started a new exercise program.  It’s called 20 Second Fitness – an intense at home workout that takes just a few minutes a day and promises results in just a few weeks.

Today I’m just going to spend a little time telling you about the program and the basics about how it works.  In a few days I’ll share with you the other co-creator and the science behind 20 Second Fitness.  For now, here’s a quick 4-minute video that really shows you how the workouts are done, how quick they are, the different levels for all abilities, and the general format.

20-Second Fitness Workout Preview (video)


20 Second Fitness Workout Program

20 Second Fitness Workout Program


  • You only invest 4-12 minutes a day – something everyone should be able to fit in their schedule
  • Quick results will keep you engaged and ready for the next workout
  • It works with ALL fitness levels.
  • It’s GUARANTEED!*  – you have 60 days to try it out and if you don’t love it, you’ll get your money back.
  • A clinical study showed the average weight loss of 16 pounds in 6 weeks – plus you’re toning up!

* minus shipping and handling


Spencer Larson - co-creator of 20 Second Fitness Intense Home Workout System and Program

Spencer Larson - co-creator of 20 Second Fitness Intense Home Workout System and Program

I did my intro work the other day (watched a short DVD on form and levels) and today I did my first 4-minute workout today.  Spencer Larson, the  host and co-creator of 20 Second Fitness, is perfect.  I’m so over the Biggest Loser format of screaming and humiliating people to get fit.  You won’t find that here.  Spencer comes across as likable, supportive, and he encourages without belittling.  I love that.

The first thing I realized is that I need to pay attention at the start of each session when it tells you the equipment to have on hand.  Everything you need comes with the program, with the exception of a yoga mat (sorry, at nearly 50 my knees and elbows were screaming at me that the floor is just too hard for them now).  But I need to have them on hand and ready to go.  Once the four minutes starts you’re moving and there’s no time to fumble around for equipment.

The second thing is I have to rewatch the form and levels DVD.  I pushed myself too hard and without a warm up, I wrenched my back a bit.  I have a bulging disc in my neck and lower back. Tomorrow I’ll ride my exercise bike for 15 minutes before doing the 20 Second Fitness DVD.  Most people likely won’t have to do that, but my lifestyle is sedentary – I site in front of this computer 10-12 hours a day.  So riding my bike is a necessity for me.

The other thing I realized I need  is a really good sports bra.  Stat.  All the jumping and running in place is actually painful for a large busted girl like me.


I’m going to base whether the 20 Second Fitness workout works on several criteria.  They are: I must still be working the program in a few weeks, I must be getting stronger, and I must be able to do more repetitions and increase my level.  If I lose weight…great.  If I lose a dress size…even better.  But I really want to get stronger.  I’m entering menopause and I need to pay more attention to my bones and my health.

I’ll post once or twice a week on how it’s going.  I’ve also shared links to the other moms doing the 20 Second Fitness Challenge below.  There are some hard-core exercisers and then there’s me.  A nice rounded out trial that hopefully will give you some insights into the program.

I did weigh myself and I had zero change.  I’m OK with that.  I took the week off from tracking my food because I’ve been dealing with migraines.  One of the fun things about getting old and having MS.

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Photo Credit:  20second.com