The Walt Disney Studios, the headquarters of T...

We're scheduled to tour the Walt Disney Animation Studios - YEA! Image via Wikipedia

I am NOT good at keeping secrets.  I’m the person who reads the last chapter of a who-dunnit early, who can unwrap and rewrap a gift without so much of a hint of a disturbance, and someone who always gives gifts early because I just can’t keep the excitement in.  So imagine how hard the last month has been not telling anyone outside of my husband, mother, and blogging partner that I’ll be going to Hollywood next month!  Well LA & Hollywood to attend the Mommy Blogger Disney/DreamWorks Event.

No, I’m not an American Idol and I didn’t get there on my talent.  I got invited to the Mommy Blogger Disney/DreamWorks Event because the Disney company appreciates diversity and they’ve invited me, and 19 of my newest friends, to a week long event!  The group they’ve chosen is made up of some incredibly talented women of all ages and reach.  Some have been blogging for years and others a shorter amount of time.

I’m still pinching myself that I’ve been included.  So many companies don’t see the value in someone my age (hmmm….I won’t name two really big ones, but I’ve blogged about them before :); a mommy blogger who hasn’t been called mommy in almost two decades.  But Disney is different and they always have been, and that’s one of the reasons I love and support this company.

Grauman's Chinese Theater

We're scheduled to see a Disney movie at the Grauman' Chinese Theater!

So, this senior mom will be joining all these incredible women in about 2 weeks…and we’ll all be sharing some amazing new movies from Disney.  But until then, check out the other moms’ sites, I bet you’ll find they’re as excited as me.

Mommy Blogger Disney/DreamWorks Event Roster

I’ll be posting more about the trip and the preparation as well as all the experiences while we’re there.


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