Between working evenings, being class mom during the day, keeping an active four year old busy, and a husband that works over 60 hours a week, there isn’t much time left in the day for us to just mellow out (and let’s not forget about this little thing called blogging). Basically, when we’re together in the house all we’re doing is eating, whether it’s a quick breakfast on a Sunday morning, dinner before I rush out to work at night, or snacks when we have an extra 15 minutes to spare.

One of my main rules, since we’re on a time and financial budget, is that we all eat the same foods, if you don’t like the meal or snack that’s been made, you don’t eat, it’s as simple as that.  Which is why I love when we finds foods or snacks that everyone loves.

Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain are that kind of snack. A great way to curb your hunger between meals or on the go. Each Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain variety is made with 6 grams of whole grains and real cheese, tie that in with the crackers being individually wrapped, and they become the perfect lunchbox snack for school, too. Each Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain contains about 130-140 calories per serving.

Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain are Available in four varieties:

  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Garden Vegetable
  • Garlic Herb

For a limited time, “Like” Ritz Crackers on Facebook, click on the “Crackerfuls” tab and you’ll have access to a .75 cents off coupon for any Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain variety.

Can you tell us what your favorite “pick me up” snack is? Is there something that’s almost always on your grocery list? What are your favorite crackers? Please share your tips with us! (I’m running out of ideas)

Disclosure: I received Ritz Crackerfuls from the One2One Network in order to post my opinion. While the crackers were delicious (sharp cheddar was our fave!), receiving them did not sway me into a positive post.
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