Red Envelope Gits for DadsFather’s Day and grilling go hand-in-hand at our house. We’re not big on holidays, but the hubby loves to grill, so it’s no surprise that when you Google “Great Gift Ideas for Dad“, you’ll find tons of grilling accessories. I skipped over the aprons (he won’t wear one), grill branding irons (someone gave him one and I have no idea where it is, our name doesn’t look good in beef), and other things that aren’t practical, and went for something useful, but something he’d never spend the money on….an expensive BBQ grill meat thermometer.

The hubby trying to set his new wireless BBQ thermometer

We have an instant read thermometer, and it works fine, but we can never remember the “safe” temperatures for meat. So I wanted something that gave him more info. I happened upon the Wireless Talking BBQ and Oven Thermometer at Red Envelope and was thrilled when they asked me to review it! Since I wanted to write this review in time for you to shop for your favorite dad, the hubby got to use it the other day on some salmon he was grilling. Granted, I probably should have read the directions, he’s a try-it-and-see-what-happens-kind-of-guy and it didn’t work properly, but we’ll give it another try soon. I suspect it was operator error – the hubby HATES computers and electronics.

So why get it for him if he hates complicated things? Because it tells you BEFORE you overcook your meat that it’s time to take it off the grill. The hubby is notorious for putting stuff on and then walking away and forgetting about it until it rivals shoe leather for durability. When you’re buying decent cuts of meat, it gets expensive! So with this thermometer you tell it what kind of food it is and if it’s beef, choose rare, medium, etc., and just when it’s at a safe temp, it tells you it’s about ready. I love that!

It’s wireless so you take the receiver and go about your business – perfect for long, slow grilling. Would I recommend it? Yes, even though we had some problems the first time I’m confident we can overcome them because it’s made by Oregon Scientific, a brand we know and love. If it truly is faulty, we will return it to Red Envelope for an exchange. I have no doubt they’ll stand behind their product as the customer service so far has been fabulous.

Wireless Talking BBQ and Oven Thermometer Details:

  • Wireless Talking BBQ and Oven Thermometer

    Wireless Talking BBQ and Oven Thermometer - product photo (c) Oregon Scientific

    Digital LCD screen

  • Five languages, eight entrée programs, four doneness levels for beef, and four verbal and audio alert options—”almost ready,” “ready,” “overcooked” and “out-of-range”
  • Customized temperature settings allow for adjustment to specific temperature regardless of meat type

Gifts for men is one of Red Envelope’s specialties and if don’t worry, if your dad or husband isn’t into grilling, you’ll likely find something else there that’s perfect for him. They ship quickly and securely, but shop soon as Father’s Day is June 19!  I hope you get a little time to celebrate dad.