Read all of our Pedigree Pet Food PostsOur Pedigree Dog Food trial is coming to a close so I got the three pups together to discuss the outcome – this is a rare photo when they’re all in close quarters.  The biggest and oldest doesn’t like the youngest and smallest….it’s a domination thing.  The little one rules the house.

On thing they did agree on was that after weeks of eating the Pedigree Dog Food we haven’t noticed any changes in their skin and coat, their oral care, digestion, or immunity.  But that’s a good thing, they were healthy and fit (ok, so a little overweight) when they started the Pedigree Dog Food challenge.  So for us it’s a good thing that didn’t change.

All of the dogs said they like the Pedigree Dog Food (they ate it as much as they eat any dog food), and none reported any ill effects from it.  Have our perceptions of the Pedigree Brand changed over the course of the switchover?  Not really.  As a dog mom I wish they had healthier food options, somewhere between where they are and the super-premium health food that costs several times more. I think there needs to be something in-between for pet owners….er moms, like me who will pay more, but not so much that it becomes a burden on the budget.  I’d like to see meat and not meat-byproducts on the label and hope that that will become the standard in their brand.  Until then, I won’t probably switch completely to this food.  It’s sort of like eating cotton candy every day….it has calorie, but not enough nutrition…of course the dogs would love to have cotton candy every day.

Pedigree pet foodWould we recommend Pedigree Dog Food?  It depends, if you’re feeding your dog Ol’ Roy Dog Food, absolutely. It makes every bad dog food list out there.  This is a huge step up from Ol’ Roy.  But is it the best you can buy? No.  But finding the best is a lot harder – the good dog food lists just don’t agree.

I guess in the end our recommendation is still to buy the best dog food you can afford.  We firmly believe a healthy dog costs less over it’s lifetime, so pay a little more for food and hopefully less for vet bills…your dogs will thank you.


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Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Pedigree and received dog food to facilitate my reviews and a gift code to thank me for taking the time to participate.  HONEST opinions are my own.