My hair before and after John Frieda Foam Hair Colour

Hair Care experts, John Frieda, has recently released their first-ever permanent hair color, Precision Foam Colour, which they refer to as an “at-home colour experience that offers salon-caliber coverage for flawless results.”

“Easy to apply, the non-aerosol foam formula spreads evenly through hair, saturating every strand completely—even the back of the head, roots and hairline. The 20-shade palette collection was developed in conjunction with the John Frieda® Creative Colour Director, and sought-after U.K. colourist, Nicola Clarke, who is responsible for some of the most iconic hair colours in Hollywood. With an array of options for blondes, brunettes and redheads, the collection brings a salon shade spectrum home. No mess, no drips, no stainsjust gorgeous hair from every angle. The revolutionary colour even provides 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine with long-lasting results, offering salon precision at home.”

I was sent a box of John Frieda Precision Foam Colour to try at home and I chose shade 3VR which is Radiant Red: Deep Cherry Red. I often flip flop between deep reds and blonde highlights throughout the year. Normally I stick with the blondes for the summer, but this year I’m unable to get my hair colored at a salon and if you’ve ever tried to highlight your hair at home, you’ll know why I chose to go with the red. The reason I’m avoiding the salon and the reason I was so anxious to try a foam color is because I had surgery on my face in March and I have to be careful not to get any chemicals, perfumes or dyes on my skin. I consider myself a pro when it comes to coloring my hair at home, but even the best of us get drips on our head, neck or face with liquid color, not to mention the splatters on countertops and walls. I figured the foam would “stay put” and not run all over me or my bathroom.

As for my experience, I’d like to point out both good and bad points but being that this is my first time using a foam color (opposed to an at-home liquid) I’m not sure if my points, positive or negative, should be directed towards this specific brand or foam colors in general.

The Good:

  • Less mess. With the foam I didn’t notice ANY color splatters in my bathroom, on my clothing or on my skin. There were a few spots that splashed on my forearm from when I was lathering it in, but it was easily removed with soap and water on a washcloth. The color didn’t even get on my shirt, which almost always happens with liquid color.
  • Less odor. Unlike any other hair color I’ve used before, the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour had minimal odor and “fumes”. I was in an unventilated bathroom and wasn’t bothered at all by the smell. My four year old even helped and wasn’t irritated by the dye’s odor either.
  • Less work. The foam was super easy to apply. I sectioned my hair as I would with any other color and applied from root to tip. Being that you dispense the foam directly into your hand, opposed to directly on your head like with liquid, I felt like I had more control of the color. I was able to apply the foam to any part of my hair without dripping. I also felt like I wasted less dye being that I was able to determine how much foam went on my hand by squeezing the bottle.
  • More manageable: My hair feels the same as it did before I colored it. Normally, after I dye my hair it becomes too thick and coarse but with the John Frieda, the texture seems to have stayed the same, with added shine, making it more manageable.

The Bad:

  • Less coverage: I’m not sure if it was the way I applied the foam, but I feel that some of my hair that was originally a lighter shade, didn’t take the deep red as well. I also noticed that the strands of grey hair I had in my roots appear a lighter shade of red now. As directed, I left the color in for an additional 10 minutes for grays, and they are covered, but just not as well as I would have liked. Perhaps this is because I had areas that were extremely light before. I’m assuming I would have to get it professionally colored if I wanted to go from highlights to one shade.
    John Fridda Color Foam Color Results Photo

    "Selecting your shade For best results, select a shade no more than two levels away from your current hair colour. "

  • Different color: My hair came out a lot darker than the picture on the box showed. Luckily I don’t mind having dark hair at the moment, but I was hoping for more of a saturated red look. If you compare the image from the website and the image of my actual hair, you will see what I mean. It just didn’t look as “rich” as depicted in my opinion.
  • Red Head: Since the foam is “dryer” than a liquid color, I feel like it stained my scalp a little. Until about 4 washes later, I noticed the red hue throughout my hairline and in my natural part. I’m sure this wouldn’t be an issue with one of the more natural shades.

Would I use it again?

Probably not. While I loved the lack of mess and the ease of use, the whole point of coloring your hair is to actually color. your. hair. Like I mentioned above, it has its good points, but I just don’t think this particular brand is for me. Hopefully I’ll get to try another foam color in the future to see if the lack or color runs true for all foams or just this one brand.


Photo Credit:  Product photos © 2010 Kao Brands Company