Zhu Zhu pets and accessories reviewEveryone has heard of Zhu Zhu Pets and with the introduction of four new lines, every kid now wants Zhu Zhu Babies, Puppies, Princess, and Kung Zhu and all their fancy accessories. Me? Not so much. Let me get it out of the way and explain that I am not one of those moms that dislikes toys, cartoons, or video games because of an image or message they send or simply because something is annoying (ie. Bratz or Caillou). In fact, I normally don’t dislike anything at all and I’m a very easy to please type of girl. But we just started off on a bad note with these little creatures when one nearly ripped my daughters head off a little over a year ago. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating, but it definitely took out a good amount of hair, enough to leave a bald spot the size of a pea. At the time, I don’t believe that the Zhu Zhu pets came with the warning labels they presently have, because if I had seen one I probably wouldn’t have let my three year old have it.

Now that they DO have prominent warning labels cautioning children to keep them away from their face and hair, and now that my daughter is aware of what happens when you try to kiss one on the nose, I’m accepting them into my life a bit more. I still have a few more issues with the pets, but none that really take away from their cuteness or the fact that my daughter loves them (which is what I guess matters most when it comes to toys). Quickly, I’ll knock my other issue out of the way: I think they are overpriced, the Zhu Zhu Babies, they are quite small, don’t really do much and yet they can run anywhere from $6 to $11. Take into consideration that your child will probably be pretty bored with just one and you can wind up spending a decent percentage of your paycheck for a small piece of plastic on wheels.

Zhu Zhu Babies Toy Review by a 4 year old

Our little tester, Angeline (age 4), loved the Zhu Zhu Babies

Of course I have a few positive points about Zhu Zhu Babies as well. The new playsets that were released this year are probably one of my daughter’s favorite toys and I can see why. They’re colorful, easy to use, and she enjoys pretending she has real hamster pets since the selling point is that they “come to life”. Mom (that’s me) likes the playset because it doesn’t require batteries, yet it is an action toy, and I like the fact that in order to get the full effect of the new sets with the Babies, you need to also play with an original Zhu Zhu Pet; which in my opinion, gets more use out of the originals. Normally, when other toy brands come out with “new additions”, the old ones you spent money on become dusty in the playroom corner. We received the Cepia Zhu Zhu Baby Gym which includes a slide, a spinning hamster wheel, tunnel and a movable floor that the babies twirl and float around on once the adult Pet is turned on and locked into place.

Cepia Zhu Zhu Baby Gym

Cepia Zhu Zhu Baby Gym

Unlike their companions, I do feel that the Zhu Zhu Playsets are priced right starting at around $25.00, not including any Zhu Zhu Pets or Babies. The sets are also interlocking, enabling your child to create larger play areas for their pets. The playset is available in three new designs: Baby Gym, Nursery and Preschool.

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