Lady Gaga Born this Way Album CoverLove her or hate her, Lady Gaga appears to be here to stay.  Her third album, BORN THIS WAY, debuts tomorrow (May 23rd).  Already a hit, the single of the same name has been played out on such iconic shows as Saturday Night Live where she sported a faux-pregnant belly and simulated giving birth, stir-ups and all, to the now infamous egg arrival at the 2011 Grammy’s, as well as the more mainstream “Glee“.

The legend of Lady Gaga is well-documented, but MTV has put together an hour-long interview, “Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside“, to show us what’s inside the ridiculous costumes and controversy.  They are said to be sharing the forces and events that shaped Stefanie Germanotta to transform into the infamous Lady Gaga.  The special debuts exclusively on MTV in the U.S. on Thursday, May 26th at 9pm ET/PT.  In mid-June, it’ll become available internationally in cross more than 150 territories (check local listings). Some time after the international release, the documentary will be made available in the U.S. for free on-demand streaming on

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Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside features an intimate, stripped-down interview with Lady Gaga, who recounts never-before-heard life experiences that shaped her early years and brought her to where she is today. From the moment she looked in the mirror and decided she was meant to be a star, to the “Thunder Road” challenge she accepted from her father to land her first baby grand piano, Lady Gaga shares an abundance of personal and poignant stories that includes: the inspiration behind her first song, the impact of being bullied at school, her musical and style influences, her relationship with her family, her love of late night bike rides around Brooklyn, and much more. Viewers will also learn how she juggles fame and her career, along with fans and her personal life, and the social causes that drive her.“While we all know the artist who has matured into a major force in music, fashion and pop culture, Lady Gaga has seldom discussed in detail the young woman she was before,” said Dave Sirulnick, Executive Vice President, MTV News and Docs. “With this documentary, we’re pulling back the veil and providing a rare glimpse into the rich back story and personal life of this modern day icon.”

Will I watch?  Probably.  Like Madonna before her, I’m a bit curious how much of her persona is real and genuine and how much is an act.  This reminds me of when Madonna put out Truth or Dare in 1991.  Some people were horrified, others enjoyed a peek into her life, no matter how non-mainstream it was at the time.

Will you watch?

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MTV Shows is the production company for Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside. Dave Sirulnick and Ryan Kroft serve as Executive Producers for MTV. Justin Wilkes is Executive Producer, Jon Doran is the Producer, and Davi Russo is the Director. Joanna Bomberg and Gina Esposito serve as Executives in Charge of Music Talent for MTV.