Revelator Derek Trucks Band, Susan Tedeschi, Tedeschi Trucks Band Until today I’d never heard of Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. Evidently both have been performing as solo acts for years, but recently the came together to form a new group called Tedeschi Trucks Band.  The eleven-piece ensemble plays some amazing blues music.  Their debut album, Revelator will be released June 7, 2011.

Revelator mixes Delta blues and Memphis soul with sixties rock and seventies funk and it all flows together brilliantly.  It’s modern, but old school at the same time. Several of the songs are introspective with uplifting messages like “Don’t Let Me Slide” and “Shelter” which feels intimate.  For guitar lovers, there’s plenty here to enjoy as well.

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These songs are all life-adventure stuff,” says Tedeschi. “Whether soul-searching or love-searching, looking for shelter, or hope, or just a break. That’s what’s truly different about this album for Derek and myself. Rather than extended solos like he’s done in the past, Revelator is about storytelling through songs—songs with nice musical structures, with beginnings, middles and ends, a lot of content that people can really dig into.”

Susan Tedeschi

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Truck’s notes the album focuses on his wife’s brilliant voice. “I’m super-proud of the work that Susan’s done on the record – at the end of the day it’s her voice and she has to carry it. We really tried to catch different parts of her singing—not just the belting thing that she’s known for, but the sweet side too. She’s really laying it all out there.”

Tedeschi’s admiration for her husband is mutual and she admits to feeling “a lot less pressure because now I have the best guitar player in the world my band so I have a lot less responsibility on my guitar. I love playing with my husband and now I get to hear him every night..”

In fact, there are so many new things happening on this album, it’s hard to know where to start,” adds Tedeschi, “Especially with this group.  Everyone is an amazingly accomplished musician who is able to listen intensely and react with their own soulful music at the drop of a hat.   It is an honor to be in this band.”

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Tedeschi Trucks Band plans to tour the U.S. and Europe on the heels of the release of Revelator, performing the music from the album as well as old favorites.  “I’m really looking forward to hitting the road and letting things grow until each show feels like an event. It’s nice having all these new songs but also having that looseness and spontaneity that comes with a great group of musicians. There are few bands that do that—hold on to that element of surprise. One moment could be a train wreck but the next, it’s church,” notes Tedeschi.

I’m thrilled to have been introduced to the Tedeschi Trucks Band. I loved nearly every track and look forward to more great music from them in the future.

Track Listing

Revelator Tracklisting

  1. Come See About Me
  2. Don’t Let Me Slide
  3. Midnight In Harlem
  4. Bound For Glory
  5. Simple Things
  6. Until You Remember
  7. Ball And Chain
  8. These Walls
  9. Learn How To Love
  10. Easy Way Out
  11. Love Has Something Else To Say
  12. Shelter

DisclosureWe were allowed to listen to this album via an audio stream to facilitate our review.  Opinions are our own.

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