Pampers' Little Miracle Mission ChallengePampers’ Little Miracle Mission Challenge is simple – to help others by paying it forward. Mission One has been completed – the mission was to make thousands of moms in the US feel special.  Enough people pledged to pay it forward that the goal was met, so Pampers will be throwing 1,000 baby showers, with the help of Points of Light Institute, for expectant mothers across the country in May and June.  Pictures and stories will be shared on their Facebook page.

Now the focus shifts to dad.  Mission Two needs 4,000 people to commit to finding a way for father’s to bond with their babies.  Suggestions include running some of his errands, covering chores at home, or other things that will give him more free time to spend with his child.

What will I be doing?  I’m purchasing food to prepare for my nephew and his wife who’ve just brought home their new baby.  My nephew has to go back to work in  just 3 days.  With the $50 investment from American Express and Pampers, and my OAMC skills, I should be able to make 8-10 meals (a few meatless to save money) so they’ll have more free time to spend as a family and get to know their little one.

What would you do if you could do something to make a father’s burden easier?  When you have an idea, go to the Pampers Facebook page and click ‘like’, then go to the Pampers’ Little Miracle Mission Challenge tab and commit to Mission 2 by clicking “I Want To Pledge.”  And to thank you for pledging, you’ll be entered in The Little Miracles sweepstakes for a chance to win free diapers and wipes for a year.

What happens when 4000 people commit to Mission Two?  Pampers will throw a Father’s Day cook-out for dads and babies across the US – it’ll be a day where they’ll be able to make memories together.