Jewel the Pomeranian enjoying her Neat FeederI love the concept behind the Neater Feeder.  Our Brittany cannot drink water without making a mess.  It’s a constant battle to keep the water from damaging the floor near his water bowl.  The Neater Feeder sounded like a perfect solution, and it would be if we had only one dog, or dogs of the same size.  But we have dogs ranging in size from 5lbs to 55 lbs and they all eat out of the same bowls.  What would be perfect is a single bowl, in a short feeder, that all of our pets could use, but they don’t offer that.  Still, if you have a pet that is messy like our pup, check out the Neater Feeders.

What they are are raised dog and cat dishes that allow the spilled water to be stored in the base. It has a tall lip around 3 of the 4 sides to keep the mess contained.  Just empty the reservoir when it gets full.  It also keeps dog food contained, but that’s not a problem in our house.  Spilled food just means a snack for the next dog that comes by.

Neater Feeder Pet Food Dish

The testers - Gracie, Blaze, and Jewel

The feeder comes in a cat size and small, medium, and large dog sizes. leg extensions are available separately for most of them if you want to use them as a raised feeder.  Using the Neater Feeder’s website to check sizing, the small feeders would fit my two little dogs and the large the Brittany. Unfortunately, if we got the large, it’d be way too tall for the little ones, so we have the small and fill both bowls with water.  Still, we have to refill it 2-3 times a day which is a bit of a pain. Of course, this wouldn’t work if we were gone during the day – we’d have to supplement with an additional bowl.

The feeder is well made, works great, it’s just not right for our family.  We did have some issues with the littlest pup being afraid of it. We put her favorite treat, cheese, on it to try to get her to try it.  It took about an hour before she accepted it, but she did and she’s fine with it now.

The Neater Feeder can be purchased at Petco or to find a retailer near you, use the store locater feature on their website.


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