Smallville on DVD - all 10 seasonsNow that “Smallville” has ended, I thought it’d be fun to look back on Clark Kent’s Superman super powers and I’ve picked two I wouldn’t mind having.  The first is Super Memory.  In season 6 Chloe points out Clark’s mental ability. She believes he has a photographic memory, but it’s not until season 7 that we find out that he actually is a speed reader.  I would love the ability to take in information in quickly and more importantly, retain it.  As I get older I find it harder and harder to keep my mind sharp.  So this is definitely a super power I’d be interested in having.

The second super power that I wouldn’t mind having is Microscopic vision.  Clark reveals his in season 10 when he finds ink reside on a victim’s body.  It’s not that I want to really see microscopic things, I’d just like to be able to see without glasses again.

While I wouldn’t mind these superpowers, there are many I have no interest in.  Like heat vision.  In the real world, it’s pretty useless; although being able to thaw out dinner in a jiffy would be helpful.  And who wants supersonic hearing, there are days I’d like to be able to shut out everyone and that just wouldn’t be possible if I could hear people miles away.

I guess in the long run that like Clark, I’d rather just be human.  Super powers might be fun to try on, but they seem a burden in the long run.

If you could try on two of Superman’s powers, which would you choose?

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