SmartSense Anti-Radiation Microwave CoverDo Microwave Ovens Leak Radiation?

I don’t know for sure, but there are reports that say they do.  This new little cover, called SmartSense, is meant to block any potential electromagnetic radiation leakage emitting from your microwave’s glass panels or microwave oven door from occurring.  Made of cotton material which is woven with stainless steel, the inner liner is what does the actual radiation blocking.  SmartSense is attached to your microwave with magnets sewn into the fabric and then Velcro at the bottom to adjust the length.  The cover fits most microwave ovens (approximately 76cm L x 47cm H), takes less than a minute to put in place, and comes in plenty of colors for any kitchen.

•You don’t need to remove the cover to use your oven, just flip the cover to the top of your oven, open the door and insert your food, turn on the microwave and pull the cover down.

Is it Practical?

Not for us.  We don’t have enough clearance above our microwave to make it practical and no where to store it if removed fully.  If I was pregnant or had small children, I’d find a way to make it work.  Since I don’t, I just leave the room when the microwave is on.

Additional Products

The product that would probably be a better fit for me is their SmartShawl.  I use my laptop, actually on my lap with just a laptop desk between it and me, about 8-10 hours a day with wi-fi. Tests are finding the wi-fi can be harmful. Having a SmartShawl block some of the radiation from my computer would be fabulous.  I think I’m going to retrofit the microwave cover by cutting off the magnets (they’d harm my computer’s hard drive) and using the microwave cover between me and the computer.

Final Thoughts

I do believe in blocking as much radiation as possible so we have a newer microwave and we watch it for signs of wear.  If you have an older microwave or one that’s been abused (door slammed repeatedly), consider investing in a SmartSense cover or replacing the microwave.  Especially if you have children or are pregnant.

Smart Cover Video


Buy it online at Several colors and patterns are available.