Qubie Coupon Organizing System - win it!

Qubie Extreme Coupon Sorting System

Extreme couponing has been buzzed about a lot lately on the blogsphere because of the TLC’s new show of the same name. While it highlights people who spend up to 60 hours a week planning and organizing their shopping trips, you can save with just a little time and organization with the Qubie Plus Coupon Organizing System.

This system is a set of three binders, each with plastic inserts to hold coupons and discount cards.  The largest book, the Qubie Pro is your every day shopping book.  The plastic inserts are separated by dividers to help you organize your coupons and therefore your shopping list.  It’s a standard sized binder with a hard shell meant to last.  The two smaller books are purse size.  One to hold your specialty store coupons – like your favorite drugstore or discount store.  They other holds dinning coupons and discount cards.

The whole system is kept in a bright orange tote bag to keep it all accessible and convenient.  The set is bright and fun and would certainly make the work of clipping and sorting coupons a lot more fun. The coupon sorting system also lends itself well to working with your children as well.  The pages can be removed so more than one person can work on it at the same time.

What’s included

  • 1 Qubie Pro – for Grocery and Pharmacy coupons, 1 Qubie Plus – for Specialty store coupons, 1 Qubie Pal, and a 15″ X 16″ X 3″ Durable Gusseted Tote Bag all made in the USA

Out Thoughts

Qubie Extreme Coupon Sorting SystemWe LOVE that it’s made in the USA and that it comes in three sizes.  If you need help putting together a coupon sorting system, there’s information available on their site called How to Q.  Otherwise, you use it however you like, and we like that!