My Friday weigh in was great.  I’ve lost almost three pounds or the week for a grand total of 23 pounds in three months.  The switch to Live Strong has gone smoothly and the program allowed me to add all of my Weight Watcher’s milestones, which is great.

I love the Live Strong tracking program and it’s providing exactly what I needed.  Complete information on my nutrition, not just a random point system.  I love knowing how much protein, carbohydrates, and fat I’ve had each day and what every potential food I put in my mouth contains, so I can make better choices.

Am I seeing a difference after almost 25 pounds?  Not yet.  When you have as much weight to lose as I do, it’s going to take a few more before pound before it really shows.  And no, I didn’t wear the same top on purpose.  Weird coincidence.  And yes, those are different glasses – I lost the pair on the left shortly after this photo was taken so I had to pull out my old, scratched ones.  And I got my hair cut and lightened for the summer.  Now, if I would just start putting on makeup before these photos 🙂

My face 20 pounds lighterNet Calories Weekly Live Strong ChartDid I eat perfectly since switching?  No.  I ate restaurant or prepared food one or two days and those days are evident by the sodium and fat totals.  Even making the healthiest choices I could, eating out is dangerous so it’s something I have to limit.

I love the Net Calories by day graph.  It helps me to balance out my calories so that if I go over one day, I can make up for it another.  It gives me a seven day glance-at-a-time so it’s really easy to stay honest.  The amount of calories is determined by your age, your weight, and the amount of weight you want to lose.  I’m set a 2 lbs a weight, which is recommended by most doctors as a safe weight loss goal.

By the way, I took the pictures a few days early, on my actual 3-month weight loss anniversary and then on my weigh in day was down another three pounds – that’s why the difference in numbers.