Red Toolbox - Crafts for KidsAs with a lot of other family schedules, my husband doesn’t get to spend as much time with my daughter as I do.  Depending on his work hours, they only get to see each other for an hour or two at night during the week and on the weekends.  Often, I try to plan things just for them, not only to give them time together, but also to give myself some time alone. Their “special days” usually include activities that I don’t mind missing, activities such as sporting events, washing and detailing the cars, trips to Lowe’s, handyman work or maybe just a day of hanging out with my husband’s friends and their kids.

With Father’s Day coming up, I’ve been trying to think of really unique gift ideas, something they can use and enjoy together. So when I received an email from Connie asking if I’d be interested in reviewing a new wood craft line from Red Toolbox I immediately knew it would be something they would love to try out. While Red Toolbox kits are designed to be crafted by kids, being that my daughter is only four, she definitely needed Daddy’s help, creating the perfect scenario for them to spend a few hours together being creative.

The particular kit that we received was the Treasure Chest Piggy Bank, part of the Level 1 (beginners) collection, we also received the 8-Piece Tool Set which is sold separately, both available at Lowe’s. Between the two kits, they had everything they needed to construct the Treasure Chest with the exception of wood glue.

All the tools from Red Toolbox are designed to fit in a child’s hand, which unlike standard sized tools, will give them confidence and encourage them to keep practicing their skills. Learning to hammer, for instance, with a sturdy but smaller tool is a lot easier than learning with an intimidating, often too heavy, adult-sized one. In addition, the craft kits come in different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. With each level, the tasks needed to complete the kits are different and require more skill. With the Beginner kits kids will only need to do basic carpentry like hammering, screwing, gluing and painting. Move up to the Advanced level and children will be required to cut, drill and saw. The amount of guidance they have is strictly up to you. Just as there is a large range of skill levels, there is also a large range in prices running anywhere from $1.98 (single screwdriver) to $69.98 (multipurpose work bench). In my opinion though, price isn’t a huge issue when it comes to providing tools that will bring family’s together and encourage conversation, creativity and thinking. And think about it, are there any video game consoles available for under $70 and yet how many do you own?

Now that I’ve told you all about the Red Toolbox kits and how awesome they are, I bet you want to know how well they actually do when used by a real kid. First, here are some pictures:

Dad and daughter enjoying their Red Toolbox building experience together

Red Toolbox Includes Everything But the Wood Glue

If it wasn’t apparent from the pictures, let me assure you that your kids will love the Red Toolbox kits as will Dad! My husband and daughter decided to do the project over the course of two days and enjoyed every second of it. There was no whining (from either one of them) because they BOTH were able to contribute equally. Angelina didn’t feel left out because the steps were too complicated or too dangerous, instead, she helped the entire time and was so proud once it was done. Not once did she say “daddy made it” or “daddy put this”, it was all “we did this” and “we did that”, which to me is essential for young kids, even more so when multiple kids are involved. In addition to building skills and creativity, lessons of cooperation and teamwork are also included.

Sold exclusively at Lowe’s (for locations outside of the U.S., please visit Red Toolbox)