cooking with soda pop

Finally there’s a little sunshine here in Seattle, and with the promise of warmer weather comes the fun of BBQ season and cooking on the grill!  That doesn’t mean the crockpot will go away any time soon though.  It’ll still be used for the youngest child’s favorite Root Beer Pulled Pork, but I’ve been checking out the Cooking with Coke site and will be giving their Easy Coca-Cola BBQ a try!  The recipe is nearly the same, only beef and Coca-Cola is used instead of Root Beer and pork so I’m sure he’ll love it.

While I was visiting the Cooking with Coke website I found a few other recipes I’m going to try for the hubby, like the Coke BBQ Sauce that looks like something he’d love and something that would be fun for me to make.  I’m also going to attempt the Coke BBQ Ribs.  I say attempt because for some reason ribs are more disgusting to me than a slab o’meat (blech….and yes, I’m a vegetarian :).

Not everything on the site is meat related.  There are desserts and salads as well. One recipe I didn’t see was one we used to make when I was growing up in the 70’s.  It was a Chocolate Cherry Cola Cake.  I remember it being a chocolate cake mix with cherry pie filling and Coke for the wet ingredients and I remember it being very good.  I haven’t had one in about 25 years, and I’m a firm Diet-Coke drinker now, so I’m not sure I’d still like it, but it was sure good back then.  I’m curious if anyone else has ever had it or remembers the recipe.

Do I recommend cooking with soda often?  NO!  Too many chemicals and too much sugar, but like everything else, a once-in-awhile treat is fine.  And for people like my husband, the calories aren’t an issue.

The Cooking with Coke website has an online cookbook features – add your favorite recipes or choose from those of a celebrity chef, and you can print it or share it. There’s also a sweepstakes going on and hints and tips on how to get your family back to the dinner table.

Photo used with permission