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Our princess loves her new jewelry caddy!

One of the joys of moving into a new home is having a fresh start when it comes to decorating and organizing. There are lots of things that we’re leaving behind in the old apartment because we don’t want to start the cycle of clutter in the new space. The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” is finally starting to make sense because we can now group things together in boxes opposed to having, let’s say, arts & craft supplies in the kitchen and Lego brick in our guest bathroom (yes, these things really happen here). Hopefully this new sense of organization will stick for a few months once we’re all settled in.

To help my family (and my sanity), I’ve been purchasing lots of storage and other products designed to keep clutter to a minimum. We’re loaded with items, such as plastic shoe bins, peg hook boards for each bedroom, closet door organizers and more. Most of the more common items I buy in local discount stores, but when I need to find pieces that can double as furniture or decorative items, I shop online at stores like

Our princess fills her new Kirkland Swivel Jewelry box with her treasures.

If, like me, you don’t have a Kirkland’s store nearby, shopping online allows you to browse the same huge selection at the same discounted prices. You can shop for quality home decor items such as mirrors,  accent furniture, rugs, lamps, art and outdoor garden accessories.

I was recently sent the Swivel Jewelry Caddy ($24.99) and once it arrived, my daughter immediately claimed it for her new room. The color scheme for her bedroom will be pink, white, and purple so the white Jewelry Caddy will match perfectly. She’s already filled it up with her princess jewelry and even snatched some of mine to fill all the nooks and crannies. With all of the compartments on the caddy, she’ll be able to keep all of her jewels together and they’ll always be ready for dress-up time.  There’s a space for rings and earrings, hooks for bracelets and necklaces, and it even has multiple cubbies for other accessories, which she’s filled with bangles and Justin Bieber buttons. The swivel feature makes it easy for her to see her whole collection without having to take the caddy down from her dresser. The design of the fabric lining is modern and versatile which will be able to grow with her and her taste. With all these great features, the swivel jewelry caddy is a great alternative to a traditional jewelry box where things seem to end up in a tangle at the bottom.


  • 9″ Deep x 13″ High, rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Heavy duty wood composite and NOT plastic
  • Fabric lining to protect your jewelry – necklace hooks, ring pads, earring holders, and cubbies
  • Available in 3 different styles

Our Budget-Friendly Picks

Take a look at some of the other cute pieces I found on the Kirkland’s site while browsing around for storage ideas – all under $100 and they’d go with pretty much any style:

Kirklands Fine Furniture and Accessories - Avaialble online

Our picks from the Kirklands Fine Furniture and Accessories

Modern Canvas Print –  $29.99 ♥ Tufted Storage Bench – $99.97 ♥ Crystal Table Lamp –  $79.99 ♥ Beveled Oval Wall Mirror – $69.99


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