Smallville Final Season Finale Video ClipAs Smallville winds down, it’s time to look back at some of the epic romances that were played out with our Superman.  He’s had many loves, but these are my three favs:

Lana Lang (season  3) – Lana was a superhero as well, and she lived just a mile away from Clark when they were young.  Clark had his eye on her, but was too shy to say anything until he got up the nerve to ask her out in high school.  While Lana was Clark’s first love, she knew he was keeping something from her.  This secret tore them apart and they were never able to commit fully.  She married his former best friend, Lex Luthor, and eventually faked her own death to get out of the marriage.

Chloe Sullivan (season 3) – So Chloe’s relationship with Clark was a long one.  She first met Clark in 8th grade and they attended High School together.  Chloe left to go to journalism school but returned after graduating.  She married Oliver Queen (he attended boarding school with Lex Luther) and Jimmy Olson, but she never loved Jimmy as much as she loved Oliver and Clark.  Clark realizes that he can’t trust Chloe when he finds out she’s been helping Lionel Luthor in exchange for a job at the Daily Planet.

Lois Lane – (season 4): The romance with Lois is my favorite.  It developed slowly over the years and they fall in love after being friends.  She’s the one person who can bring out Clark’s human emotions and while they’ve been afraid to admit it, they’re meant to be together forever.  Check out the finale clip….it’s pretty fabulous.  Lois thinks she’s standing in Clark’s way.  His reply is sweet.

Finale Video Clip

The Smallville Finale

Season 10, Episode 21 aka the final episode of Smallville will air this Friday (5/13/2011) at 8 p.m. on the CW.  The special two-hour finale will preempt Supernatural which will return next week with its own two-hour season finale

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