In a few days I’ll have completed three months on Weight Watchers.  In that time, I’ve lost and I’ve gained, and the final tally is a 19 pound weight loss.  Not bad since I stopped journaling my food about a month ago after I returned from my vacation to Walt Disney World, and stopped exercising as well.  It’s not the Weight Watcher’s programs fault, I just didn’t find everything I needed there so I stopped using it.

Luckily I still stayed generally on track, with a one week excursion back to fast food land that resulted in a nearly 3 lb gain.  Determined to get to 20 lbs and then some, I started looking for another weight loss option and I found it in the Live Strong website.  Yes, Lance Armstrong‘s Live Strong website and no, you don’t have to be a world-class cycler, or even an athlete to make use of it.  Just someone who wants to maintain or improve their health.

Weight Watcher's Results - 4 weeks to lose .08 pounds....thanks fast food 🙁

The Live Strong site is free to use, but there’s a paid option as well.  The $49 a year dues for the upgrade gets you a nearly-ad free page, options in your goals, and a few other items.  I opted to pay as my way of saying thanks for such a great site, and because it means I no longer have to pay $17.99 to Weight Watchers every month.

So what does Live Strong do for me that Weight Watchers couldn’t? It tells me exactly how many calories I need to eat to lose 2 lbs a week, and how many calories are in the food I’m eating.  It also breaks down the nutrition further and lets me know if I’m getting enough protein and fiber every day based on my age.  This is important to me because I’m a vegetarian and my husband swears I don’t eat enough protein.  Well, when he walked in the door today I loved showing him that I will meet my daily protein minimum!  So there! 🙂  I have also come very close to my daily fiber requirement – one more apple before bed will finish me out for the day.

My Live Strong Daily Intake Totals

I also love the recipe builder – put your favorite recipe in and it will calculate all the nutritional totals for you.  I’ll be using this feature a lot and will be putting recipes I post here through it as well for your benefit.  I haven’t started using any of the other features, beyond journaling and the recipe builder, but there are more to explore in the coming days.

Is the Live Strong program perfect?  No, the food database is a mess and sometimes completely wrong, and you can’t change it.  I have had to find non-organic version of the food I’m eating with similar nutritional values (thank goodness for the internet – looking up the values for what I’m eating is easy). Nor can you do more than add a new product with just its calories – no fat, cholesterol, etc.  But you can download your food diary to Excel and make tweaks there if you need to. They aren’t allowing new additions right now because they’re working on the database.

Are you a Live Strong member?  I’d love to become friends there.  I’m Miscfinds4u there and I have only 98 more pounds to go!


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