Yanni thanks the Seattle crowd - Benaroya May 2011I love Yanni and yes, I take a ribbing from my husband for it.  I’m not sure why, if he’d sit down and listen to his music, he’d realize it’s more than elevator music as he calls it.  What it is is really great instrumentals with a nod to new age, but that’s not all it is.

I had the pleasure of attending Yanni‘s concert this week in Seattle.  First let me say that I’ve lived in Seattle for 42 years and I’ve been by and around the Benaroya Concert Hall, but I don’t remember ever having been in it before.  What a shame, it’s an amazing location and so beautiful!  The views from the glassed in waiting area are simply stunning and the design of the building is something to be enjoyed.  With only 2500 seats, this is an intimate theater with so much grandeur.  It’s stunning.

With the small venue, we were rewarded with an up close concert.  There’s something mesmerizing about watching a musician perform and we were rewarded with stunning views.  Each and every one of the twelve accompanists were soloists in their own right.  The audience loved Yanni and the orchestra from the opening song and the love continued to the two standing ovations at the end.  So many memorable songs were played and the crowd swayed and bopped their heads to the music.

Yanni in Seattle May 2011 - Benaroya Hall

Yanni in Seattle May 2011 – Benaroya Hall

Many times throughout the show Yanni interacted with the audience.  This was probably my favorite part.  He seemed to love the shouting crowd, even when he couldn’t make out what they were saying, and he made the audience laugh when he asked exactly when it was that he lost control of the show.  Yes, the audience did seem to be controlling the show and that only added to the excitement.

Two beautiful young ladies, Lisa Lavie and Lauren Jelencovich, joined the orchestra and sang two songs .  Each had a voice that was beyond perfection.  The first song was very formal, almost operatic, only to be followed by a energetic and rousing song that got the crowd going. I wasn’t aware they’d be part of the program so they were a huge surprise and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Two encores and several standing ovations  later and it was over.  The crowd left in a joyous mood.  My date for the night was my mom, Marge, and she loved it as well.  I apologize for the terrible cell phone photos – I called the venue and was told cameras were not allowed.  I think I was the only person in the audience without one.


The tour continues and there are dates in Texas and California.  Ticket prices vary by location and some venues still have tickets available.  If you enjoy music played by world-class musicians, you’ll love Yanni on Tour.


Can’t  make a tour date?  There’s a special event, one time only on May 8th.Go backstage with Yanni LIVE! You’ll be able to ask Yanni questions LIVE on Facebook,Twitter or [email protected] and he’ll be performing his first ever LIVE performance of “Voyage” from soundcheck.  Log on to http://www.ustream.tv/yanni May 8th at 5:00pm (PDT) /  8:00pm (EDT) / 1:00am (GMT)


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