The keeper of my POE Shoes - I hope to visit them some day!I received an adorable pair of POE (the Power of Essentials) shoes to try and recently they traveled to Hawaii….sadly, not on my feet!  While I would have loved to have gone with them, they went to live with my online friend because sadly they were too small for me.

While the shoes are cute and comfy on her, they were too tight for me and therefore uncomfortable.  So disappointing.  They’re a full size smaller than traditional sizing so if you purchase a pair, I suggest reading reviews from other wearers to determine your size.

My Hawaiian friend finds them very comfortable.  She’s a size 9 and the shoes are a 10.  They’re cute little ballet slip-ons and perfect for a trip to the grocery store or under a pair of dress slacks for a pop of fun.  She loves the flexible sole.  Check out this HSN video for more information on the unique and comfortable POE soles.

Street Ballet  Core-Comfort™ Collection

The first ballerina-style fashion footwear combining the Core-Comfort Syste™ with touches of athletic mesh to create the most comfortable and supportive flat on the market-at an unbeatable price.

My POE shoes are travelling around Hawaii without me

I think I fit better for me would be the POE Street Athleisure collection. I’m turning 50 this year and my feet need a little more cushion and support.  I hope someday I’ll get to travel to Hawaii to visit my shoes.  Until then, I’ll just have to appreciate them in pictures. 🙂

About POE

I love that the designer, Sheri Poe, names the shoes after the women and girls in her live that she’s learned from and respects.   She even designs the shoes with a specific one of these women in mind.  I also love that her company supports the global women’s community through their charity work.  I’m happy to help in my small way with her initiative by sharing her passion with you.


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