Victorian home colors can come from any inspiration - including natural sources like rocksOur official move to the suburbs of Long Island isn’t scheduled to happen until the end of summer, which gives us plenty of time to plan out the style of the house, inside and out. There are lots of rooms to consider, which is typical for a Victorian home built in the late 1800′s.  It’s made up of numerous small bedrooms upstairs with grand open rooms for entertaining downstairs.

The house was a two-family home at one time, but the previous owners reformatted it to accommodate their large family. Part of the work we’re waiting on involves turning it back into a living space suitable for two separate families.  My father and stepmother will be on the lower levels and we’ll be on the upper, which includes a finished attic with four adorable bedrooms, rooms that remind me of a dollhouse my grandmother made years ago.

With all this space and all this time to think about it, there will no excuse to not have everything picture perfect by the time we move in. The first mission: paint….

Victorian Home - Purple Mood Board

My inspiration board  – Benjamin Moore Mysterious, Slip, Kalamata (my fave) and Sanctuary.

I definitely want muted colors, colors that will reek calmness. I have a few vibrant accent colors in mind, but I’m going to keep the walls fairly tame. I’ve been feeling inspired by deep, heavy velvets and relaxing, sun-washed bits of nature, just trying to find a nice balance of the two.

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