Shari's Berries Brownie and Cookie MedleyYes, I’ve been rethinking my eating habits and trying to lose weight, but that didn’t stop me from taking advantage of a recent offer to try out Shari’s Berries! I got to select something from the website to taste test, and since I no longer eat non-organic strawberries, I went with a cookie and brownie combo.

What else does Shari’s Berries offer?  Cakes, cookies, cheesecake, cake pops, brownies, truffles, cookie bouquets, dipped apples and other fruits, and so much more.  Though the name might imply they only offer strawberries, I can assure you they have a huge assortment of goodies to choose from.

All-Natural Brownie Cookie Medley – Your Gift Includes – 18 Chocolate Chip Cookies and 8 Caramel Pecan Brownies; Certified Kosher Dairy by Star-K; A wonderfully decadent pairing! With eighteen chewy chocolate chip cookies (made with loads of chocolate chips, brown sugar, pure vanilla, and rolled oats) and eight huge and rich caramel pecan brownies, this cookie medley is not to be missed.

So you can see why I ordered this one!  Caramel, pecans, chocolate chips all wrapped up in pure vanilla and rolled oats with the promise of being all-natural. My reservation was that ingredients weren’t listed on the site, but I figured if they had ingredients I won’t eat (animal, artificial coloring, etc), the hubby would.  So I ordered and waited….

Two days later a box arrived from Shari’s Berries and I immediately tore into it.  Imagine my surprise when my FAVORITE cookie maker’s logo appeared on the inner boxes!  YES!  The cookies and brownies are from Dancing Deer Baking Company! I purchased them for Christmas and fell in love with the taste, quality, and truly natural ingredients. I think I may have done a happy dance when I saw their lovely green boxes…

Shari's Berries Brownie and Cookie Medley - So well packed; they arrived in perfect condition!

So I tried out the cookies….moist, soft but slightly crispy at the same time.  Delicious vanilla flavor, rich chocolate chips, seriously good looking and tasting.  The brownies?  I’m glad you asked….they’re rich and the caramel is definitely from real butter and brown sugar – not overly sweet and just a hint of its sweetness encased in the deep, dark chocolate, and not a loud or artificial note to be had.  These aren’t bagged caramels melted and stuck in the brownie.  This is handmade caramel, light, sweet, and stunningly good.  The brownie is topped with pecans and that’s the ONLY place I could suggest an improvement.  Leave the pecans whole….these were chopped and I like mine big and chunky, but that’s a personal preference.

My Shari's Berries Brownie and Cookie combo

I truly can’t say enough about these cookies and brownies.  The Dancing Deer Baking Company is definitely on my list quality bakers and I’m thrilled to be able to purchase unique combos and flavors through Shari’s Berries.  It gives me one more place to shop for my favorite bakery treats and I hope that soon Shari’s will start offering organic strawberries, because I REALLY want to give their online chocolate Dipped Strawberries a try!

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